Wednesday 4 March 2009

Whether we dig or weather we don't!!

Looking at the barometer we are in for 'Changeable' weather. And boy, oh boy is it changeable at the moment.

Went out yesterday on a dry and warmish day to explore the lovely town of Aylesbury as I had been informed by Lovely Hubby that the Farmers Market was on.......WRONG..... that was last week. Instead it was a Bric a Brac market, almost as interesting just not what I was in the mood for. So we tootled off (that's me and Jason) to look in the charity shops for books. Got some brilliant ones and then we called in to Morrisons to re-stock the larder with basics. Came out of Morrisons to black sky and wet pavements, the rain held off just long enough for us to get home, but not quite long enough for us to unpack the car.

Aggy Aga.

By teatime the winds had rolled in and the rain poured and poured. We couldn't light the open fire as rain was pouring down the chimney, so we battened down the hatches and turned up the central heating. Aggy Aga does a brilliant job of warming the house, so the kitchen is always cosy, such a comforting heat that sometimes I find myself just standing there in a warm world of thought. So on these sort of nights I find myself pottering about in the kitchen, luckily there is always something to do.

Potatoes 'chitting' on the kitchen windowsill.

This morning I woke up to clear skies, by the time I had my gear on for jogging, the sun was out and the fields were steaming nicely. So I set off with Sophie and the world was good, I ran past puddles, mud baths and ditches that were so full of water they looked like fast flowing rivers. But the sun has stayed out and the day looks promising. The big question now is whether or not to continue digging out our first veggie bed. We started on Monday afternoon, the day was bright and dry and the soil not too heavy, but I suspect by now it will be a different story. I think possibly we leave it for today and let the ground drain slightly.

I have a very pleasurable task to do today.....bunching lavender. The best job in the world. I had a delivery of 100 large bunches of lavender yesterday, so it all needs splitting and re-bunching and the final touch is a beautiful lavender coloured ribbon tied around each bunch. Gorgeous. You get SO chilled and de-stressed when you handle large amounts of lavender. And when I have finished that job, I have 50 little lavender bags to fill with dried lavender. I can't wait to get into action now, so I'll finish writing this post, sup up my coffee and vanish into my workroom. See you tomorrow (perhaps with a picture of todays 'hard' work).

Have a good day, and if you've got it like we have....enjoy the sunshine.

Sue xx


  1. We've just had thunder......I reckon a hot choc by aggy and hope the garden digs it's self. ;)

    lynn x

  2. Your new life in the country sounds like life many, many would enjoy. I so love reading your posts and looking at your photos.

  3. Me and hubby had the most strangest weather day....drove up to Guildford to pick up some rattan chairs....gorgeous sunshine...then decided to drive back down to Southampton via Farnham etc to visit the new Ikea....we went through sleet/snow/moderate hail...and then glorious sunshine...with the temperature raising and dipping appropriately. Love myself a Rayburn....lushious red one.....couldn't do without her.

  4. Hi there..yes if you want it you are very welcome..I put the bags here for you to see...I put the approx sizes,cost etc.

    My email is:

    I'll reserve it for you!
    Sal ;-)


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