Friday 13 March 2009

Happy Birthday to a lovely lady.

Todays post is's dedicated to a very special lady.

One who is just twenty years older than me, one who has shaped my world and the world of the people around her, one who is so special and doesn't realise the impact on the people around her of her 'specialness'. The one lady in the world that can make me happy by being happy and sad when she's sad.

  She's supported me when I've been down, laughed with me when I've been happy, spoke her mind and put up with the sulks when I know deep down she's right but attempted it my way anyway.

  She's been there. What more can you ask. We've fell out, we've made up. We've laughed, cried and had the biggest girly giggling fits together.


She's the glue that holds the family together, the arms you run to when the world turns bad and the one person in the world that you love unconditionally and loves you back the same way.

  She's my Mum. 
Love you Mum. 
Always and forever. 
  Happy Birthday.

My mum with the man she loves.......luckily it's my Dad!!

Sue xx


  1. Please extend birthday greetings to this very special woman ~ your Mum.

  2. Oh. how lovely. Happy Birthday to your Mum.
    She sounds delightful.

  3. What lovely words for your Mum. A belated Happy Birthday to her from me x.


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