Monday 30 March 2009

Glorious Sunny Sunday

The sun shone down on us all day this Sunday, spurring us on the get SO much done

My new farmhouse table with its four chairs and bench looks lovely in the kitchen (just ignore the mess under the stairs and the unpainted and untiled walls). We've eaten virtually every meal around it since it arrived on Friday afternoon.

So civilised!!


The three veggie beds just waiting for their wooden sides. We finally finished the third vegetable bed, no easy task, Jason must have had 4 wheelbarrows full of stones by the time he had finished.

The beds are all just about three metres long by just over two metres wide and although we have got most of the big stones out the soil is really heavy and full of clay. Up to now we have added some manure and compost but we are hoping that once we have got a couple of crops of potatoes out of each bed the soil should have eased a bit and be slightly easier to work.

 Lovely Hubby painted the door furniture (knockers, locks etc) with black Hammerite. That's what he's doing in this picture below, the only way to do the knocker was to hang it on a tree!

Putting the finishing touches to the door knocker.

 Another six fruit trees were liberated from their orange plastic buckets and put into the space in front of Tumbledown Wall. Two Golden Delicious Apple, two Conference Pear and two Cherry trees. I doubt we'll get any fruit this year (or even next) but they will start to grow and look very pretty.


My main job this weekend was staining all the wood for the raised sides for the veggie beds and for the fence around the tyres, we have to fence everything we can to protect things from the deer. 

We have Roe deer and Muntjac both roaming wild in the area, and we've been warned by people in the village that they eat EVERYTHING!

And then by the end of the day it all came together, the fence went up, all the raw edges were touched up with wood stain and it now looks like this.

So all in all another good weekends work, progress is being made all round. We ended Sunday with a small bonfire (as is now traditional) and a couple of glasses of Cinzano in front of Monty Halls Great Escape, a brilliant tv programme.

Sue xx


  1. What a busy time!
    You must be very tired today!! ;-)

  2. Oh well done Sue. Lovely to see it all coming together xx

  3. Looking good.....small steps work wonders.


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