Tuesday 31 March 2009

Sometimes you can see the wood for the trees........

Over the weekend we managed to clear the little 'woodland' opposite the back of the house, of all its nasty prickly brambles that had grown wild and turned into a tangle of prickliness designed to snag at your clothes and skin, and imprison the dog whenever she ventured in.

After much snipping, chopping, pulling and raking we turned this -

... into this.

And SO much better it is too, the birds can see their feeders, we can see the birds and best of all the soil can see the sunlight so we are going to scatter poppy seeds and plant some little woodland plants and turn what was a mini jungle into a haven of prettiness and food for the wild birds.

Some jobs are just SO worth doing, and make your heart sing when they are done.

Sue xx


  1. I agree about some jobs, especially garden ones. We too have a woodland area, but very small. I have taken great pleasure in planting woodland plants there, but it is quite difficult getting ones which don't require much sunlight!

  2. Can't wait to see this piece of your land bloom and grow ... love that little birdhouse!


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