Thursday 26 March 2009

Stock sorting

Getting prepared. Well that's it.....the sunshine's gone. 

Surprising how quickly you get used to and look forward to waking up to glorious sunshine, and how it inspires you to plant and dig and venture into the great outdoors on doggy walks and wanders. Well yesterday was dismal, there's really no other word for it. Tiny glimpses of blue sky swiftly hidden by big bad grey clouds that let the rain fall suddenly and heavily. 

It was a day for holing up and wielding a paintbrush.

Starting to look a bit better.

 I decided to move the stored stock from my shop and do some of the finishing little jobs to the spare bedroom. There's hope of some of the family coming to visit soon and it would be nice to have completely finished rooms upstairs at least. 

 We've done brilliantly well with the decorating actually, we've lived here for just under three months and have managed to do all four bedrooms (apart from the fireplace in Jason's room and the window frame and door in the spare room), the en-suite bathroom and the biggest job of all was the living room (it's huge and needed some damp treatment, so that slowed us down considerably).  So, thinking about it I shouldn't complain, we are cracking on at a good speed. 

Yesterday I moved the stock, some into the workroom and some just stacked for now, so I could reach the window frame. It looks lovely now, although it was a cold job, trust me to decide to paint on the side of the house where the wind was whistling and having to keep the window open!!
Ooh ... my shop window ... happy memories. 

 Moving the stock brought back such lovely happy thoughts of my little shop and how I miss it. Still I have now got myself two Farmers Markets to attend on a regular basis, so I can play at setting out my stall instead of dressing my window ...  which one of my favourite jobs in the shop.

A variation, it was so tiny I changed it every week.

Today doesn't look much better outside, so I am going to get stuck in and finish the spare room. Then it will be time for the best bit ... playing at adding all the finishing touches and titivating and twiddling until I am happy with the look. I will turn a blind eye to the stack of boxes in the corner and stand back and enjoy the fruits of my labours. Having the stock helps, I can pick and choose just what I need to finish the room, after all I only bought what I wanted myself in the first place!!

Have a good day. (If you want to see a few more pics of the shop, click onto the link at the top of this page for Lavender's Blue)

Sue xx


  1. sounds like you are doing really well Sue. Having a totally non-productive day here today...yuk! x

  2. Your shop window is everything that I love, so pretty.
    I bet you do miss it too, I would.
    Which Farmers Market do you do?
    Carol x

  3. I learn new words and ways of saying things every time I visit ... enchanting!


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