Friday 20 March 2009

Sorry I've been AWOL........

Sorry for vanishing of the face of the earth..................internet problems. 

Lovely BT quickly despatched all new filters, hub and wires within 48 hours of the fault being reported and here I am after what seems like SO many phone calls and line tests............back in action.

I've really missed reading all the lovely blogs that I dip into each day with my morning coffee in one hand and my toast in the other. It's lovely being part of this blogging world, I'm SO glad to be back in action. You don't realise how much you've come to rely on the internet until it goes away.

Tonight we are off for our Henkeeping Course in lovely sunny Suffolk, we can't wait. I've wanted to keep chickens for years, while my boys were little I had a little veggie patch in our council house back garden in the lovely village of Askam in Furness and we were almost self-sufficient in salad crops, veggies and strawberries, but the council would not allow chickens!! So I put my dreams on hold and now twenty odd years later I'm finally on the last leg towards getting my little feathered egg-producing ladies.

Hubby likes to do everything properly, so first it's the course, then it's the masterminding and building of 'Chicken World', this will be no small shed with run, it will be state of the art palatial chicken quarters, fox-proof, easy clean and designed to withstand all disasters. Then we will be vanishing on our (well-deserved) holiday, and then, finally, it will be time to get the chickens ....woo hoo, at last my dream come true......... (oh, and then Lovely Hubby has booked us on another Chicken Course for all things medical etc!!).

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Glad you are back in the land of Blog!

    Have a fab time on your course, how exciting, chickens are brilliant! If I remember I shall pop a pic on my blog of the enclosure Hubby build for our girls, so nice to know that they have somewhere safe from Foxy Loxy but with enough room to have a scratch around. I do like them to be out in the garden as much as poss though. Will need to fence off the veggie patch before I bother planting anything as they will have it up in no time otherwise! Really must go and get ready for tomorrows market properly now!

    Take care and have a lovely weekend
    Sarah x

  2. Have a hentastic weekend!

    What an exciting thing to be doing, hope the weather stays nice for you!xxx

  3. Oh you lucky thing, have fun, I've gone awol myself.....sadly work related, but never mind, tell at when you get back.

    lynn x

  4. I'm playing catch up today too .... my favorite photo was your clothes hanging on a line blowing in the wind ... it was magic. Have a wonderful weekend ... enjoy!

  5. We have such fun with our hens Sue and as for the ducks... have a great time xx

  6. Glad your back in blogland again. Have a great time on your course. Please pass any nuggets of hen keeping wisdom my way, as we are getting some hens soon too.
    Bertie x


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