Saturday, 28 March 2009

Shoe Corner

I always wondered when I lived in my nice neat town house why farmhouse entrances had messy coat/shoe I know!

 There's always a reason to need a different pair of shoes, dog walking, muck shovelling, going somewhere posh (i.e. to civilisation) or just dashing across the stoney yard to rescue your washing from the branches of a tree.

 And it's the same for coats, do you just need to be warm for five minutes or warm for 5 hours, dry from the lashing rain or protected from force 10 winds blowing the bushes across the front of the house.

 As you can see my nice neat corner (that used to hold one jacket each and 3 pairs of shoes) has developed into what it needs to be. And this is only one of them............... the other 'grab one quick coats' are hung by the other back door in the utility room!!

 (And no......I have no idea why the little bin from the utility room is there on the bench in the kitchen!!)

 Farm life.....................developing nicely!!

 Have a brilliant weekend.

 Sue xx

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  1. Your posts are like word poems with information and inspiration .......


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