Wednesday 18 March 2009

Books, books and more books.....

In the kitchen.

We have SO many books here on the farm, they take over and cause lovely messy heaps of loveliness.

One side of the sofa.

I have books that I have read that I will read again, books that are waiting to be read and books that just HAVE to be read (so I know what to do with the veggies, chickens etc). I have books that I have read, that I will never read again but look too lovely to part with. I have cookery books that give me inspiration to cook and craft books that inspire me to try new things at my sewing machine.

Bookcase number one.

I love it when interior magazines or books show pictures of bookcases, and I scour the spines for familiar friends. I love to see books by other peoples sofas waiting to be read. And I always make a beeline for someone else's bookcase to see what they have. I hate to lend out my books and always feel honoured if someone let me borrow a book, but I usually prefer to buy my own copy of any recommended book.

If I am strict with myself and have a sort out, I donate them to the charity shops, but more often than not I end up buying them back, either my own or a newer version of one that I have parted with.

The other side of the my mind magazines are books too!!

I love Amazon and my order is rarely less than £100 at a time. I love the feel of new books, but I also love the feel and the smell of older more friendly books. I cannot pass a charity shop without looking in to what fresh books have arrived since my last visit.

Bookcase number two, not full yet!!

My children grew up being read to every night at bedtime and have fond memories of that special time together, cuddled up close and warm and enjoying an old favourite. Enid Blyton was loved by both boys and inspired many of Simons escapades around the village. Simon loved Danny, Champion of the World or Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl and Jason was enchanted by the Thomas the Tank Engine books so much he knew them off by heart by the age of 3, and would point out if I missed out a word or paragraph.

Now they are all grown up, and Simon reads car maintenance manuals and Jason is into crime and murder, and all things gruesome that are related to his forensics studies and he hungrily devours New Scientist each week as soon as it arrives in the post box.

Books and magazines living happily side by side!

Now I have to go, to read a book........All my Eggs in one Basket by Francine Raymond. We are doing her Hen Keeping Course on Saturday in Suffolk, so it's revision....honest!!

My name is SUE ... I am a BOOKAHOLIC.  📚

Sue xx


  1. We are a book family too...books everywhere!
    I do have a friend who is also book mad but she says that whenever she buys a book she gets rid of one..either sells it or gives it away..just to make room for the new book.
    Trouble is that I would hate to part with any of mine!;-)

  2. Oh so lovely to see your collection......I used to have oodles of books, like yourself filling every space...especially home magazines...I would have 2/3 years back of collections and just read them over and over for inspiration.....then for some reason I had a good clearout and kept about 30 of my favouroite...which I still enjoy...mind you I have oodles and oodles of cookery books....worked out cost the other week over £600 worth...mind boggles.

  3. Ah books! Lovely! I see you like Jamie - isn't the Ministy of Food a good one? I love it, the vegetable bargies (still not got a clue on the spelling) are just divine! We need more bookcases, only got the one and its not enough! Do use the library quite a lot, then if I find a book I like then I go off to Amazon and spend spend spend!

  4. Hello - my name is Rosie and I am Bookaholic too!! My boys are still young and despite the fact the eldest can read quite well now I still read to him and his brother every night. I am looking forward to reading them some classics very soon. As for getting rid of books, I find that almost impossible, something reserved for the rare book I couldn't get into. Which explains why we have 7 bookcases, piles of books by the bed and loads of boxes of books in the loft.

  5. Gosh I have nearly all those books too. Book mad I am. I also have baskets of books and mags as well as book shelves everywhere.
    I must confess to having bought a whole collection of Agatha Raison Books and to date have only managed to read one and a half books!


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