Monday 21 January 2013

Whiter than White

Our whole world is white at the moment ...
... the track to the road deep in the lightest and softest of snow.
The animals have gotten over their reluctance to venture out in this alien looking environment and are enjoying playing in the snow.
It all looks so beautiful.
You've just got to remember that when your legs are only six inches long and the snow is six inches deep you have to run like mad to make yourself a pathway.  Suky isn't quite as mad (or as energetic) as Rosy and she tends to follow just behind us to walk in our footsteps and thus not have to carve herself a path.
Sue xx


  1. I love the ginger cat. What a great photo. :)

  2. Your white world look like a fairytale.

  3. Beautiful photos Sue. How is your poorly cockerel? Julie x

  4. Looks gorgeous, doesn't it! Our puss-cat is less than impressed though and is starting to suffer from a definite case of cabin fever!

  5. Oh that snow is so pretty!


  6. How refreshing does it all look says I who has been experiencing temperatures of 38 - 47 degrees!!! I am not a summer person and your photos are have made me feel cool just looking at them! Beatiful fairytale look to your landscape!

  7. Beautiful photos. I love them!

    Sft x

  8. My little dogs love it, once they got over the shock. Problem is my Bichon can only be seen face on, little black nose and eyes, from the back he is just another heap of snow.

  9. Am I the only person in England still looking at green??


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