Thursday, 10 January 2013

Geese on the Patio

The distant honking got louder and louder yesterday and then suddenly round the corner from the greenhouse came the geese, waddling their way over to the door, they had heard me talking to the dogs and decided that they too wanted to come into the house.
The dogs are wary of the geese, showing them the admiration and deference they deserve, they back off and let the geese have our attention when they are around, that Harry loves Mum as much as they do is something they have to tolerate.
For indeed Harry is smitten, at the sound of my voice she comes running, honking and demanding attention, wanting me to pick her up and stroke her long neck and cuddle her every time I pass by.  If I am busy and ignoring her she winds her long neck between my ankles and nibbles at my wellies, stands on my feet scrabbling to climb higher, anything to attract my attention.  The others Larry and Mo, stand waiting patiently, happy to have the occasional stroke but baulking at the idea of a cuddle unless forcibly picked up, then they relax into it and have a moment of bliss before wriggling and demanding to be placed once more on their large webbed feet.
At night while the other two follow the light of the torch to bed Harry saunters beside me and stands at the threshold of the Goose Hoose to be lifted and cuddled before being ceremoniously plopped into her night time quarters.
Who ever knew that a goose would fall in love with me!!
And that's why I love having Geese on the Patio, although Lovely Hubby is not quite so thrilled as he washed it all down at weekend and now it's a little bit yucky again!!
Sue xx


  1. LOL :) What sweeties they are :)

    We used to have lots of chickens and bantams when I was little. We also had a white goose called Paddywack. My dad used to keep racing pigeons as well, and when he used to let the pigeons out to fly, Paddywack used to run up the garden trying to fly with the pigeons..bless her.
    I do miss having animals and birds tremndously, so it makes me love reading about your world all the more. Thankyou so much for sharing. x

  2. Ha Ha, lovely photos.
    The geese that we had around us at the rented cottage were semi wild and not up for being cuddled, much as I would have liked to! But because I fed them, even Churchill would stand being stroked. I think if Mike had tried though he would have been quickly short of a hand!

  3. My sister is quite scared of them as she was chased by a farmyard flock as a little one but I love them! You are right about the poop though it's a bit yuk!

  4. Now, there can't be that many people who could post about 'Geese on the patio'.
    Fun photos.

  5. Aaww thats lovely, how nice to be able to hug a goose!

  6. Lovely. These are my favourite posts of yours x

  7. I love your posts about the animals, you seem to have such an affection for them that I only wish I could muster.

    I am terrified of geese and swans, when we take the boys to feed the ducks we leg it whenever the 'big birds' waddle over x

  8. I want Harry. I shall have to hatch a dastardly plan to kidnap him!!! :)

  9. I've just come across your wonderful post about geese. I'm very fond of my own (friendly) geese, so I understand how you have become attached to yours.


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