Saturday 26 January 2013

The £2 HouseKeeping Challenge - Weekly Report

Although we have both been pretty poorly, maybe because we have both been pretty poorly in fact, we have managed to keep our spending really low again this week.
We have both been craving some fish, so yesterday, for the first time in ages partly due to being snowed in and partly due to feeling so weak that a car journey seemed totally out of the question, I decided to wrap up well and make an expedition for supplies.  I needn't really have spent anything, we have some salmon in the freezer but for some reason I was really fancying some breaded fish fillets, I was also fancying some Vimto....

..... so Vimto it was and while I was picking that up I was waylaid by my usual liquid refreshment.....
... sparkling water, I bought 10 bottles of the stuff so I will see how long that lasts me.
*** *** ***
So my rather unusual shopping this week consisted of
Two packs of breaded fish for £5
Ten bottles of Sparkling Water for £1.70
One bottle of Vimto for £1.39
Total Spend £8.09
with 91p going into the Sealed Pot
So looking at these figures our average weekly housekeeping budget available for the rest of the year is now £9.70, up from the original £9.23 due to careful, indeed almost non-existent spending.
I apologise for the stock photos but after trekking to the shop and back I was totally exhausted and merely chucked everything in the fridge and cupboard.  We had eaten one of the packs of fish before I even thought about taking a photo of the shopping.
Our snow has now almost vanished and the view from the kitchen window is one of an amazing greeness that we haven't seen for almost three weeks, it looks really fresh and lovely to our snow jaded eyes.
Have a lovely weekend.  Hopefully I'll be back on form by Monday, I see a weekend of lazing around watching tele and reading books ahead of us both.
Update on Caldwell - he's now back out with the flock although not surprisingly he has lost his place at the top of the pecking order, he is having some difficulty fitting back in due mostly to the fact that Harold, who used to be second in command is a great big, young and good looking Light Sussex cockerel who seized his day and decided to take over the flock.  I had to let Caldwell and a couple of the friendlier lavender Pekin Bantams sleep in the Eglu for the last couple of nights to stop him being bullied.  We'll see how it goes. The main thing is that his injuries have healed up nicely.
Sue xx


  1. That is very low for a week's shopping! I hope you're feeling better soon :)

  2. I'm still all inspired! have been baking and freezing more as a result! Hope you are both on the mend
    BH x

  3. You're doing very well on the shopping front, I have to start reducing the stock in my freezer, trouble is, when you cook meals that can be split into three, one for now and two for the freezer, it's difficult to get to the bottom of it. I just can't bring myself to cook one meal, it's a waste of time and energy, both mine and the electricity.

  4. Well done! Our pot has a few coins in it and is going to Christmas 2013. This is my first year joining but I was glad to see what someone else is doing with last years sealed pot funds.

  5. Sorry you've been feeling poorly. Sometimes comfort food is just a necessity.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Glad to hear Caldwell is healed and back with the ladies.

  7. Well done! We've been eating the left-overs from my husband's work canteen again, so that's how we're keeping the bills down - three curries (meat, lentil and veg) today! However, like you I've been flat-out ill, and now you've mentioned breaded fish, I really crave that too! Sounds like just the thing. Get well soon and I'll try to do the same here.

  8. Hope you feel better soon - our snow all gone now too and I am looking forward to getting about easily again. Enjoy the Vimto

  9. Hope you fel better soon! I also noted that everything is so much greener but thought it was me! Although snow is supposed to contain a lot of minerals - I'm not sure why It would be any different to rain?

  10. This is an amazing challenge! I started a sealed pot at the beginning of January into which we are throwing £2 and £1 coins really as a pot to save for Christmas (although I plan to do a lot of "handmade" Christmas presents) but managed for the last 2 weeks to not spend anything on food, apart from fresh milk so am wondering whether I might not end up saving more for Christmas if I took on a similar challenge?!


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