Friday 4 January 2013

Help on the farm......

Help on the farm is always appreciated .....

...... no matter how small the hands and inexperienced the help.
It's also really lovely to see little houses being used by little people!
That all the dried dog food and dried cat food was spooned into the water bowls and swelled to impressive proportions, the kitchen utensils used to do this were then put back into drawers smelling of petfood, the dogs were fed with Quality Street until they thought all their Christmases had come at once (luckily no illness or sickness occurred) and that all the Maltesers were eaten in secret by said little person for breakfast was neither here nor there.
It's always lovely when grandchildren come to visit, but lovely to send them back on their happy way with their loving parents.
Happy Days.
Sue xx


  1. She's adorable!

    Our first grandchild is due in March and I'm looking forward to visits just like this. :-)

  2. Lovely aren't they, I had 5 of mine round here this afternoon, took them to the park where they all splashed in the puddles.

  3. Tee hee! That did make me chuckle!

  4. Oh what a fantastic day and i totally agree its nice to give them back.The latest addition came to visit today and the cuddles are fantastic but i dont envy the sleepless nights.x

  5. That first photo is so precious!

    Sft x

  6. Such a pretty new little farm hand :)

    I'm looking forward to watching how your housekeeping challenge goes, as I'm sure if anyone can do it, you can! <@

  7. I`ll be looking forward to a little treasure waddling alongside in about a year`s time. My first grandaughter is to be born in March. I shall love having her visit but shall equally be pleased to hand her back to her parents.

  8. The grands are so much fun-but it's always nice when the house is quiet again and everything put back! Dearly love spoiling them while they're here though!

  9. What a lovely post. Maltesers for breakfast should become a Christmas ritual for everyone!

  10. Oh she is so cute. I love the cubby house- what a ripper!


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