Friday 18 January 2013

Four Potatoes and Three Fishes - Meals 5 and 6

I was going to make two meals out of these potatoes, the plan was for one of them to mixed with the last remaining Salmon fillet and turned into fish cakes and the other to be chopped into matchsticks and added to a Spanish Omelette for tomorrows tea, but to be quite honest I am full of a cold, a pretty bad one and feel YUK, so I took the easy way out  and used them both to make fishcakes.
So with the addition of the last remaining Ginger Salmon Fillet a finely chopped red onion and then being dunked into beaten eggs and then some brown breadcrumbs from the freezer ....
... four substantial fish cakes were produced.  I left them in the fridge for an hour after assembling them to give them time to firm up and then decided that as they were bigger than I originally thought they were going to be we would just have one each for our tea and the others would be popped into the freezer to make meal number six for another night.
Really they are slightly too 'potatoey' and my original plan would have been better, but they were extremely tasty and very fresh tasting.  So that's all my potatoes used up now.  I have half a bag of frozen chips in the freezer and some sliced up potatoes to have as wedges for a couple of meals and I think I have some of the stew packs way down deep in the freezer, so we are not completely out of the humble spud.
We were though almost out of fruit ...
... look at the fruit drawer of the fridge as it was yesterday morning.
 So it was off to the shops for me yesterday before the forecasted blizzards hit to spend some of my £2 Housekeeping Challenge money.  I thought I'd get us some fresh stuff to try and fight off these colds, yes Lovely Hubby is a poorly boy too, in fact he shared his cold with me, we share everything we do....isn't it!!
The weather here is exactly as forecasted with snow tumbling merrily from the sky and my car is almost obliterated already.  Time to fill the log basket and hunker on down for the weekend.
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of what I bought at the shops, how much I spent and perhaps the obligatory snowy picture.
*** *** ***
Now I'm off to wake up Chicken World and give them some breakfast and warm water to warm their little tummies.  Caldwell is still with us, in fact he was crowing at 6am this morning in the kitchen, now a cockerel in your kitchen has to be heard to be believed.  His head is still pretty bloody but we are leaving the dried blood to fall off naturally we don't know what damage is under there. Today I am fetching the larger dog crate into the house so he has more room to stretch his legs and move around, so his enforced sit still and get better will be over and it will be up to him.
Thank you for all your good wishes, prayers and brilliant comments for him yesterday it was very appreciated, he may only be a bird to some folk but he's our bird and we love him like mad ..... although maybe not quite so much at 6am crowing in the kitchen :-)
Sue xx


  1. So pleased that Caldwell is better today and waking you up by crowing...bless him :)

    We've got more snow than we've had in a couple of years!

    have a good, warm restful weekend Sue and LH. Hope you both feel well and perky soon. :) x

  2. Hunkering down sounds like a very good idea for both of you. Get well soon. Caldwell too. Jx

  3. Glad Caldwell is on the mend,I love my girls too.I have been down to them twice already this morning with some warm mash.
    Take care

  4. Don't feel obliged to show snow pics!!!
    Jane x

  5. Glad he's better today, although a definite eeek to him crowing in your kitchen!

    I'm going to go out for a wander in a minute I think - now you've said about pictures I guess I should take the camera?!

  6. What a brave chook you have, so sorry you lost some though. Isnt it amazing how they all pulled together to protect the flock as a whole. Sending Caldwell lots of chook friendly hugs and get well wishes xx

  7. Good God woman - what are you up to now?? Am just catching up and seems you're on another mission!

    And the kitchen crowing thing made me laugh. Sounds like he is doing well!


  8. I am glad Caldwell is alive and still crowing. :)


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