Monday, 7 January 2013

The Year of Less - Clothes


Over the course of the next few weeks and months I will be doing a series of posts following our progress with our 'Year of Less'. We really hope to simplify so much of our lives, little things, big things it all adds up. When you have a multitude of things to think about, look after and actually do, it takes up time both physically and mentally.
I hope the title of this post doesn't bring me too many new readers expecting to see a scantily dressed farm girl!!
Just before Christmas I decided to take part in Project 333 (see HERE for more information), this was to be one of my very first 'Less' ideas.  For far too long I had been conscious of wearing the same few clothes over and over, and after washing (and very occasionally ironing them)  I was struggling to put them neatly back in the wardrobe.  So I sprang into action.
Everything from my wardrobes and drawers in both our room and the spare room was laid out on the bed and over the course of a couple of days I went through everything.  Deciding which things I would keep, get rid of, or store for next season.
I managed it all pretty easily, and once chosen everything fitted in my sections of the wardrobe easily and with room to spare.  I having been using those choices for the last couple of weeks I must to say it's working out fine. 
I have made one substitution as I had put a green T shirt in with my 33 chosen items and when I wore it the first time I simply was not happy with it and it went into the drawer for the work clothes and was substituted for a T shirt with reindeer on, much better for Christmas time wearing!!  You do find that when you have fewer clothes in use you do want and need them to be absolutely perfect.
The beauty of this is that over the course of a year I should have a very good core wardrobe of items that I really love and want to wear over and over.  Obviously when you change each three months you can allow for the seasonal weather changes and the clothes you take out of immediate circulation, (heavy jumpers in Summer for instance) are never far away if the weather carries on with it's current unpredictability.
I have one single drawer of work and gym wear that I don't have to count in the 33, and also I decided not to include my jewellery as I only wear the same things on a daily basis.  You can do a similar thing with a number of your own choosing or simply downscale your wardrobe to a more workable level.
The clothes that I decided against keeping are now stored in the spare room ready for the first car boot sale of the season, when the money they raise will go directly into our house buying funds.
Of course Lovely Hubby has already been in this mindset for the last couple of years, (see HERE) and each December updates his wardrobe in one fell swoop  immediately ditching all that he doesn't want to keep.  At last I feel we are looking at clothes in a more similar fashion.
Less clutter, less stuff, more money saved = clear head and a happy heart.  It's all good.
Sue xx


  1. Brilliant! I wish I could follow suit but confess to being a bit of a hoarder with clothes. However I am currently going through my wardrobe putting aside to sell those things that I always try on and then put back in the wardrobe. I am trying to make my mantra one in one least its a start right?

  2. I have a de-clutter at least twice a year to keep my favourite clothe and ridd myself of unwanted items. I donate to the local charity shops and invariably go there to re-plenish with items if I feel the need for something different. I`ve not bought a single piece of clothing since last spring time when we were looking for items for our Bulgaria holiday. I know that I can get rid of a few items again when i de-clutter at the end of Feb.,
    but doubt that I need to buy anything at all this year. That should save me some pennies. Reducing your clothe pile is a great idea. You never ever wear more than 3 outfits during any given time, so the reduction does make an awful lot of sense.

  3. Oh i love that my wardrobe is so easy to access now! This project is a great idea.

    Sft x

  4. Done similar today - it feels so much lighter to do so! Charity shops gained and so did my seller account on Amazon

    DD also was very happy looking on the charity shop rails for clothes and was quite annoyed she could not find stuff to fit - I pointed out if she learned to sew ( off me) she could alter the stuff which was too large! I think she got the point...

    I love de cluttering.

  5. This has been such a great idea and I'm sticking with it so far! I love the great ideas that come from the blogging community :)
    Judy xx

  6. Hello Sue, I'm a farmer in Illinois (USA) and so happy I found your blog. I have the same goals for my own life so I plan to be back for more inspiration. keep up the good work!

  7. This is on my to do list now, it is getting longer, but that is good :)

    Less is more :)



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