Thursday, 3 January 2013

Too Much Stilton!!

In Lovely Hubby's eyes you can never have too much Stilton, he loves a large wedge with a nice glass of Port, his favourite treat of choice.  In my opinion  it's the smelliest cheese on the planet, I can't bring myself to eat it in it's natural state but incorporated into pies, sauces, quiches etc it's fine.
I had already bought some Stilton and Shropshire Blue for Christmas, but then the week before the big day Sainsb**y's had the large half circles on special offer (I'm sure they have a much better name but half circles is all I can think of at the moment), so I bit the bullet and bought more of the smelly stuff.
It lay in the fridge until last weekend making the whole opening the door and looking for nibbles a very smelly pastime, and then I decided enough was enough and anyway I want to make this rather large purchase last for as long as possible.
Armed with my big knife a roll of 'easyleave',  a big plastic box and LH's permission I set to .....
... chopping it all into treat sized wedges. 
Each 'half circle' made eight portions and each normal wedge made four, so a grand total of 28 wedges of cheese for the freezer.  To be pulled out as and when they are either needed for a treat or to be added to a recipe.
Of course all this chopping made lots of crumbs ....
...  and not being the type of girl to waste anything, I grabbed a jar of Onion Marmalade, a couple of our own freshly laid eggs, a handful of grated Cheddar from the freezer and a ready made pastry case.
And twenty five minutes later we had a lovely Quiche for our lunch. 

I put all the cheese that was nearing it's 'Use by' date in the box with the Stilton wedges and then hid it all from view in the depths of the chest freezer.  This cheese is going to last as long as I can possibly make it last to eek out the £2 coins in the  Housekeeping Challenge.
Portion control is the name of the game!!
Sue xx


  1. I think cheese is more of a Man Thing!
    I freeze mine too and use to pep up pasta sauce and I've also started freezing hummus- so much easier to make one big batch!

  2. I do not eat cheese - but I think I shall copy your idea and portion and freeze the remainder of Bob's Christmas selection, now all our guests have departed.

    happy new year

  3. Can't stand blue Stilton. We eat white Stilton once a year in a Stilton and celery soup for Christmas/New Year. Much less smelly and nicer tasting.

  4. My lady likes the white Stilton with cranberries. Mmmmmmm.

  5. I never thought of freezing it for meals. Thanks for the top tip!

  6. I can't stand stilton either too stinky for me. I too freeze cheese, just find it a bit crumbly afterwards though when you have defrosted it.


  7. I must be the only woman here that loves Stilton. But, I only bought a very small piece for Christmas as DB is not a fan of it. We both prefer a good goats cheese served warm with stewed cranberries or red current jelly.
    I`m going to batch cook alot more this year to freeze some for later convenience.

  8. I adore stilton, the more mature the better and with this in mind I bought a large wedge which I put on our Boxing Day buffet table. Big 13 year old grand daughter nearly ate the lot. I had to physically restrain her or else there would be none for anyone else LOL. Good idea about freezing it...Tesco have big wedges on sale at the moment so I'm going to grab some. My last lot cost me 10p.

  9. I'm like you, like Stilton in things, but not on its own (don't like any cheese on its own!). The quiche looks lovely!

  10. Got to agree with hubby, you can't have too much Stilton, nothing to beat it with a glass of good port.

  11. I *LOVE* your resourcefulness!! Your blog is a true inspiration to the benefits of frugality (for want of a better word!) I used to be a terrible waster, but gradually getting better and this year I am intending on growing my own herbs and container veggies and am really looking forward to it too. Love your blog as always! Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2013,
    BH xx
    (PS - couldn't agree more with the stilton 'wiffy' fridge - t'other half loves it and I detest it!!)

  12. We always freeze our cheese into portion size but much prefer goats cheese.

  13. We both love Stilton and Shropshire blue, I keep cheese in the freezer at all times. I only buy when it is half price and hate running out. Luckily my local Co-op has it reduced fairly regularly and I buy what they have.

  14. Phewey it does stink doesn't it ? Over the years cats & dogs have been blamed for HIS Stilton stink ! I had a few crackers with a few crumbs on & that was enouigh for me !

    Happy New Year Sue xx

  15. I love Stilton. We got some for Christmas when Mr Sft forgot to take it with us for my brother! Ha, Ha! Must freeze it however, like you we are on a budget this year.

    Sft x

  16. Ah, beautiful. I can smell it from here.

  17. Oh yum. I love Stilton, the rest of the family don't love me when I eat it!

  18. You're a clever lady Sue :) I've been wondering what to do with all the Brie and Camembert in the fridge. We've indulged far too much over the holidays and but I've been stuck for what to do with it all. Into the freezer it goes!


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