Wednesday 23 January 2013

The Year of Less - More Little Things

Little corners of clutter are simply not escaping my attention any more.  Every now and then something different catches my eye and makes me stop and think.  This corner is a good example. 
We had all the chopping boards next to the bread bin, it worked really well, you grab the loaf from the bread bin grab yourself a board and start slicing away..... you grab a board, yep, one board and start slicing away.  If I'm chopping something up I tend to grab one board to chop on too, I've never known myself to grab six boards and start chopping!!
But they've all lived there since we moved in getting wiped down every week so they're not dusty, and moved and cleaned under, but mostly simply not used.
So I thought which are the two boards that I grab when I'm slicing bread (the round one) and when I'm slicing veggies or meat (the rectangular one, one side for veggies and one side for meat) and these are the two that earn their place.
These three got added to the car boot box and the largest one got slid into the cupboard as Lovely Hubby uses this to chop up large joints (which is once in a blue moon).  Also into the car boot box went the washed out candle pot, everything else got tidied away and now the corner is clear.
Next the fridge caught my eye, the bits were accumulating,  a swift glance told me what was relevant and what was clutter ...
..... it looks a bit better, but there's more to come off yet!!
*** *** ***
The snow is still falling here although now it is light and almost fairy like,  tiny little flakes that are drifting down in the most lazy of fashions covering the already deep lying snow with a dusting of perfection.  When you step in looking like the top of an icing sugar dusted cake you quickly thaw these tiny flakes and wear the lightest layer of moisture, it really is quite beautifully special.
Time for a soothing hot drink and a sit with my feet up I think, this flu that has had me in it's grip for the past week is slowing abating but has left me as weak as Caldwell, it really is like a nursing home here at the moment.
Keep warm.
Sue xx


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon :)

    I saw an idea I liked somewhere on the net the other day. It was to attach a square metallic piece inside a cupboard door or maybe two and stick your reminders, magnets etc on them. That way they are tucked nicely away and the fridge is spotless. Just open the cupboard and check your reminders etc. Hope you understand what I am trying to say :)


  2. Oh no, you are bleckityblahblah too?
    Jane x

  3. I keep doing this but I'm afraid my spare room is turning into the car boot room where does all this clutter come from?. Good luck with rest of the clutter busting.

  4. hope you feel really better quickly

  5. Decluttering is so satisfying. Says she with the sitting room contents currently distributed around every other room in the house...

    1. Hit the button without saying "Get well soon!"

  6. Hi Sue - hope you and Caldwell are soon on the mend - I have a patient this week - my hubby has the lurgy too but so far I am spared. I like your corner de-cluttering - mine has been at a standstill these last few days as life has been a little bit challenging over here - you will see why in my next post.

  7. Hi Sue, hope you are feeling better soon! Isn't it amazing how small things such as sorting out that corner can make such a difference to how things feel and look in your home. We have a water jug, glasses, tea, coffee, sugar, our cups that we use for the day, all on the cupboard and it's starting to annoy me so I think i may have to find a better solution!I think the coffee can go in the pantry for a start as we rarely drink it, but i do like the container :)
    Judy xx

  8. Hope you feel better soon. The de-cluttering bug has finally got me. By the way, I really like your bread container. :)

  9. I too have the decluttering bug have shredded a bin bag full of old papers today and some kitchen gadgets are next to be sorted

    Hope your all well soon

  10. I shall be doing this when I can put everything back in the kitchen... whenbeing the issue !

  11. Hi, just found your blog. I enjoyed the post about the cockerel so much! Hope he is on the mend. Sorry you are sick. The flu has hit our state (NJ-USA) and it's becoming an epidemic here. Hope I am spared it. I got a flu shot so even if I get it, maybe it won't be so bad. I have a little hint about the cutting boards. Hope you don't mind. My daughter actually gave me the hint and it works for us. I only have two cutting boards now - one is for veggies/bread and I marked with a permanent marker, the edge of the other cutting board - "meat" so that I only use it for meat, especially if you are cutting up chicken. It is a safe way to keep meat juices from ever contaminating the other board.

  12. Nice decluttering, hope you are on the mend too soon, so pleased that Caldwell is getting better
    Sarah x


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