Tuesday 22 January 2013

A Cockerel in my Kitchen

Lots of you have been asking after Caldwell so here he is for you all to see, alive and well and living in the kitchen.
When I first rescued him after his night in the bucket (see HERE for more information), he was in a sorry state, but hour by hour, day by day he's been recovering nicely.  After a day in the cool utility room to warm him up slowly after being outside in sub zero temperatures, snug in the small cat basket with a cover over three sides he then progressed to the large dog crate in the kitchen.  His dried on blood was once again washed, but not too vigorously, we really couldn't see what the damage was underneath all the scabs so we decided to let nature take it's course, he had already lost so much blood if we disturbed a wound we could have started another bleed.

This seems to have been the right way to go.  Now both his eyes are clear, one cleared by me and the other by time.  He is much perkier and yesterday for the first time was allowed out of his cage to wander around the kitchen and stretch his legs.
After a quick explore he started to preen himself really well and I'm pleased to say he beginning to be a lot more like his normal self.  The only way I know he's not 100% back to normal is that he's not even tried to peck me yet, he's not a very sociable bird our Caldwell.
Maybe it's just that he appreciates me rescuing him....... or maybe he's just waiting til I'm not expecting the attack!!
Anyway he's back to enjoying his food and seems quite content to go back to his cage after an hours wandering around  to rest and gather his strength for the crowing sessions.  The dogs will be very glad when their little dorm mate goes back to Chicken World, our two do not take too kindly to their slumbers being so rudely disturbed at 6am each morning, thank goodness it's not Summer with 4am sunrises is all I can say!
A cockerel in the kitchen ..... far better than a cockerel in a fox!!
Sue xx



  1. I must have missed that post Sue. Poor old Caldwell ( and the others - very sad ) You are doing a grand job nursing him back to his former glory !

    The cats wake me with their miawing at six - not sure if I could cope with a cockerel crowing too !

  2. Poor Caldwell, but so lucky that you found him too. He looks quite handsome and with your care will gain his confidence back. x

  3. Sounds like a book title Sue. So pleased to see him looking so well (and handsome!) Julie x

  4. Glad to see Caldwell up and about. He has some serious war wounds there, he must be a tough old fella!


  5. Glad to see he's doing so well. He's gonna hate returning to the cold after all your pampering x

  6. Better be careful...he may come to think that he belongs in the house~~~Great job!

  7. Poor thing. You are an excellent chicken Mom!

  8. Excellent news, so happy to see him wandering about the kitchen. Looks like he could get used to it..lol

  9. My word, that brave little bird has been in the wars! Good job you found him when you did. Once recovered fully he will go back to his flock and deserves a medal for defending them all! What a brave boy!!

  10. Great news Sue, and Caldwell!

  11. Oh I'm so pleased Caldwell is doing much better! Bless him ..
    He does rather look like he owns the kitchen though... :)

    I love your snowy photos in your last post...
    Keep warm Sue. x

  12. Glad to see him up and about - the kitchen will be so cosy for him.

  13. Sorry to hear that Mr Fox called upon your chickens and so pleased to see that Caldwell is recovering!


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