Wednesday, 2 January 2013

And we're off........

And we're off .... into this brand new year with a couple of quiet days, both full of contemplation and minimal work. 
The henhouses were cleaned out, as I do daily, the dogs were briefly walked yesterday, although they are hating all this incessant rain and mud and tend to dash back to the house and plonk themselves on the doormat waiting for me to return and let them in.  Today we took them out for a proper tramp through fields determined to tire them out.
There has been lots of television watching and much to much to eat, so it's a good job we have lots of food in store as what we have has to last us as long as possible if I want to achieve my minimal spending plan for this year (see here for more information).  The first £10 of £2 coins has been popped into my housekeeping purse and now I have to see how long that will last.  Anything we run out of and that will need purchasing gets added to the shopping list on the fridge, up to now it is completely empty, lets see how long it stays that way.
By the way I have no idea what Ginger was watching with his head through the catflap like this, resting on his front paws, possibly the birds or squirrels on the feeders but he stayed like that for over ten minutes so I simply had to get a photo, he only gave up when Archie decided he wanted in and pushed past him!!
Sue xx


  1. I think Ginger may have been checking out 2013!
    Jane x

    1. Haha, brilliant Jane, I hope he liked what he saw!!

      Sue xx

  2. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry... I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Had a MASSIVE kitchen declutter/clean today and can't believe how much food we still have, so not much shopping this week (yippee). Good luck with your minimal spending xo

  4. We've been doing a little stockpiling from this fortnight's grocery shopping money as we had SO much food leftover from Christmas, I love seeing the extras sitting in my pantry, knowing it's saved me money and will save me in the future!
    Judy xx

  5. Good luck Sue! I'm sure you'll do great with this challenge and inspire us all!

    I have £20 to spend this week, and our £20 for stockpiling in reserve.

    I've planned my menu for the next week and a half.

    Now I'm deliberating about buying organic diary and veg. What do you make of spending the extra money on that?

    Sft x

  6. Lovely photo, whatever he's doing. Happy New Year to you!

  7. your hens are so pretty - I have a little envy! Hubby is taking charge of food shopping 2013 and we have joined a cash and carry so hoping to be a bit more frugal this year.

  8. We've also had our fair share of sitting around watching movies and scoffing unhealthy things. It's fun every year but by the end I'm always sick to death of chocolate and lazing about. Am heading up to the lottie in an hour and can't wait to get some work done!

    I've just read your Housekeeping Challenge post and admire your goals for the year. I don't think £9/week could do us but we could probably get by on £20 if it weren't for all the goat milk we go through - at £1.45 per litre it's not cheap. Actually nothing is cheap on the Isle of Man!


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