Thursday 6 September 2012

Just for Mum

Just for Mum, pictures of Suky in her little t shirt after her operation on Tuesday.

She didn't mind wearing it at all, if she had had to have a cone bucket thing on her head afterwards she would have been a lot more upset.  When Rosy came home from being spayed a couple of years ago and had a cone on she was terrified of it, I remember the look of fear in her eyes, and her relief when Lovely Hubby took it off her and lay her on the sofa, she fell asleep straight away, so I would never do that to a small dog again.  I bought Rosy a little t shirt to wear instead the very next day and she was fine and left her stitches alone completely.
So it was a no-brainer to go and buy one for Suky as soon as we booked her in for her operation.  I did feel a bit strange buying 'doggy clothes',  I bet the young lad that served me thought, "here's another daft woman who dresses up her dog everyday".  But it's served it's purpose and it gave the vets and nurses a good laugh with the words on it ....

... especially as we had just been told that Suky is OBESE. 
She's on a diet, it started last week before we took her to the vets.  She weighs in at a huge 9.5 kilos and she has to get down to around 7 as soon as possible.  So no little treats, no bacon rind off LH, no sharing his biscuits with her and we have to be super vigilant at feed time, as Rosy is not a good eater and sometimes only has a nibble at her tea and then walks away, as soon as Suky has cleaned her own dish she makes a start on Rosy's if we're not careful.
She's much better today and we have just got back from her post-op check-up, her stitches come out a week on Monday and then that's it.  One happy little dieting doggy.
Sue xx


  1. Shes lovely xx We still want a Pug but need to save up after our recent expense of moving house

    1. They ARE expensive, but soooooo worth the money. They are wonderful little companion dogs, always wanting to be with you and are happiest just cuddled up on the sofa.

      And you meet sooo many nice folks when you are out and about with a Pug, they come over for a chat, they've either had a Pug in the past, or know of someone who has one now, or just want to know what sort of dog it is.

      I had one lady pull her car to a halt on a roundabout and shout over 'I love your dog'.... I guess the drivers behind her didn't love Suky quitie as much at that minute!!

      Sue xx


  2. Hi Sue and Alan

    Many thanks for the SPECIAL BLOG FOR ME . So glad Suky is doing well now . Bye for now Lots of love

  3. Suky, there is nothing wrong with a bit of happy fat. Vets are stoooooopid which is why two of us are on diets too.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  4. Wear your jumper with pride could be wearing a lampshade ! What a great alternative. Pugs are adorable x

  5. I had 2 Pugs and I absolutely love your beautiful little Suky. Nowadays Vets seem to have a thing about telling us our animals are obese and should go on a diet and also wanting to scale and clean their teeth every time our pets visit them. Suky you are beautiful just as you are.

  6. The tee shirt is such a good idea! A blog friend sent us to your link, our Stella just had her op and has a Elizabethan collar on I am sure she would prefer a tee shirt. But she has been funny and worked out how to keep her dog cigar in the bucket for later. Only a few more days till it comes off.
    Lovely to find your blog.
    Love Leanne NZ

  7. Hi Sue,
    Had to comment after I saw the photo of Suky, I hope she is well after her operation! We had a male fawn pug Dylan, he passed away a couple of years ago now, we now have a black one Onslow, they are delightful little dogs that creep into your heart.

    I have only just come across your blog here in Australia. We migrated from the UK in 1977 so I take much pleasure from visiting fellow bloggers over in the UK taking a look at many things that remain familiar to me.

    There is a photo of Onslow in one of my earlier posts if you care to take a look.

    Kind Regards Shirley:):)

    1. Onslow is absolutely gorgeous!! Suky's dad is a black Pug (Kenmilleven Graphite) and her mum (Lady Midnight Star) a fawn one. Seemingly this is a common mix as it keeps the 'mask' nice and defined.

      Suky's full name is Suky Midnight Star(named after her mum).

  8. Hello, I've just come across your blog after googling names on my pugs family tree. Kenmilleven Graphite is my Pug's grandad, so my little Tilly pug & your Suky are related in someway, not sure how, probably as cousins! I've been trying to find pugs related to my little Tilly :) I also have a blog so you should be able to see some photos of her if you were interested!

    Laura xxx

  9. Kenmilleven Graphite is Suky's father.

    Her Mum is Lady Midnight Star who lives with her owner in South Wales, so our little Pug is the only true Welsh native amongst us.

    So Suky is very closely related to your Tilly, what a lovely coincidence :-)

    Suky's full name is Suky Midnight Star and she is Kennel Club registered.


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