Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Tang of Autumn

There's a definite tang of Autumn in the air. I sit at the computer early each morning gently 'coming to' with a cup of black  coffee, usually it's placed beside me but more and more I'm noticing I sit clutching it in my hands, instinctively reacting to the chill of the morning.
The sun is coming through, slowly and gently as she tends to do these days, giving me the the promise of a nice day ahead.   In an hour or so I will forget the chill and will bask in her warmth as I gather in the crops that I am systematically harvesting each day.  Today it is the turn of the carrots, to be pulled from their slumber in the Veggie Patch and be washed, blanched and tucked safely in the depths of the big freezer, ready to keep us supplied for as long as possible for the months ahead.
As I type the washing is tumbling around in the machine, ready to be popped onto the line the minute the machine stops, it takes the full day to dry the heavier weight things now.  Gone is that blast of heat that can dry the towels to a crisp if you dare to forget about them on the line.  Instead I make the most of every scrap of sunshine.
Yesterdays line full .... with a little squatter in my laundry basket ...
... Ginger.
Like the cats and dogs I grab my breaks in the sunshine.  Taking a cooling glass of water or a thirst quenching coffee and sitting for half an hour between tasks.  Drinking in the rays of the sun as much as the actual drink in my hand.
We have been short changed this year, we all need our Vitamin D, and the sun has barely topped up our reserves. 
The children are back at school this week, not mine I hasten to add, my boys are big strapping men, but my grandchildren, all of them.  The youngest Oscar starts nursery today and the older three back to Junior and Secondary school, new stages in the year, new stages in their lives.  A definite new stage in my daughter in laws life, as for the first time she will be childless in the afternoons.  I wish her well, now is her time to find herself, little by little.  An exciting time that I remember so well.
She's not completely alone though, she has this little beauty to keep her company, Maddison, possibly the biggest pup in the world!!
Off to peg out the washing now, I wonder if Ginger will be following me out.
By the way the little patient is doing well, after a good nights sleep she is up and about and has lost that 'bemused' expression of yesterday.  I will try and get a photo of her in the little t-shirt that caused so much amusement at the vets yesterday, but for now she is stretched out at my feet as I type.
Sue xx


  1. Lovely post Sue. I get a rather large fluffy friend in my clean washing basket the horror he is !
    Each change in our childrens' lives bring little changes for us. I'm enjoying mine & hope your daughter in law does too x

  2. a dog at the vets; such a sad day for all concerned. Hope the puggy patient is recovering well?
    Autumn certainly is creeping in isn't it, I've needed to wear a jacket these past early mornings and felt a little sad for Bruce coming out of his warm stable before the sun had any warmth (yes, I know he's a horse, but...)

  3. lovely post, your herbs look brilliant on the windowsill there. Funny how cats find the best places to sleep.

  4. Lovely looking herb display. It reminds I need to sow some for the greenhouse.


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