Tuesday 25 September 2012

Homemade Dog Food

Thanks for  the comments yesterday and the emails, as I had two emails asking how I make the dog food I thought I would devote todays post to that.
 (all approx amounts)
1kg of beef mince
1.5 cups of raw rice (brown or white)
1 cup of raw Barley OR Lentils
1 cup of raw Pasta
2 cups of chopped Vegetables (anything you like but NOT onions or leeks)
1 tablespoon of Vegemite or Peanut Butter
Place all the ingredients into a large stock pot.  Cover with water and stir to break up the mince.  Bring to the boil and then simmer for 45 minutes.  Turn off the heat and fill the pan up with some more cold water, stir and leave to cool completely.
When it's completely cold portion up to suit the size of your dogs.  I get 12 meals for our two small dogs, I add either a handful of their usual mixer or half a slice of brown bread to the food when I serve them. 
I always put that nights tea into their dishes, put a two portion tub into the fridge and the rest get frozen.
Label it carefully, because although it would be fine as a supper for your husband, it's not really to human tastebuds.....very bland according to Lovely Hubby!!
I spent ten minutes trying to get a shot of Suky licking her lips, because she was between each mouthful and I didn't manage it once!




It works out as 23p per portion if you have to go out and buy all the ingredients from scratch,  if you use the supermarkets value lines for the mince, dried goods and value frozen veggies.  Of course if you have all these things already in the house it's easy to use some of them for the dog food and keep the rest back for your own use as normal.
Pretty good value I think for a dog food that is not full of nasty additives and preservatives.
Sue xx


  1. Our dog is getting to be an old lady and she's gotten so picky about what she will and won't eat. The vet told us to try lamb and rice, but she won't touch it...even though the cat loves it...lol.

    I find myself making her things similar to this. Often if I can find eggs on sale, I'll add eggs to her meals since she seems to like them so much.

  2. We are lucky to have a dog that eats just about anything. I've told my friends that grapes are potentially toxic but at a party this weekend, I caught a guy giving them to her. I told him to cut it out and give her the cheese puffs instead. I figure you gotta pick your poison :-). The dog is my garbage disposer. She eats all the veggie odds and ends that we don't use. The time involved with this for me is grinding it all up.

  3. When I finally get a dog I will remember this recipe! It is such a good idea and must be cheaper than using tins.

  4. That sounds a fab idea. So economical and cheap. At least you know what`s in the food you give to the dogs.
    Years ago when I was a child my family had a sausage dog. We used to feed him grated and raw carrots, apples cut into pieces and gave him muesli for his breakfast. He loved it. His coat was shiny and he was very healthy. Most days he would have left overs from our dinners, too.
    He ate cooked veg, mashed potatoes and gravy as well as bolognaise sauce on pasta. Never did him any harm at all, and was a cheap way to fee him.

  5. That looks perfect. No good for Molly, as she is allergic to any grains, she can have beef, she's allergic to carrots, and chicken as well.

    I really should look into another way of feeding our dog, as it costs us just over $90 every six weeks for a bag of food. At the moment her food is grain free sweet potato and venison.

    Gill in Canada


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