Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Son - Car Thief

My son drives a Heavy Goods Vehicle for a living, he was a Tank Transporter Driver in the Royal Logistics Corps before civvy street beckoned, driving the biggest of loads in the most dangerous of places.
You'd think he'd had enough of driving all day.
Oscar looks on in amazement as Daddy attempts car theft right in front of him!!
So why would he come home and attempt to drive off in my Grandsons lovely little car?

I'm having a non-computer day today, I have reading, playing with my new toy and some thinking to do, but I couldn't resist coming on to post these pictures.
Have a good day Simon, but stick to the big vehicles they look a lot more comfortable to drive.
Mum / Sue xx


  1. That's hilarious that you've put these pics online! Serves him right for stealing your grandson's little car :)

  2. just proves you can't take the little boy out of the grown man!!! He was probably reliving his childhood and wishing he had one just like it!

  3. Dad's they just won't leave the toys alone will they :) Mr Twigs always insists he HAS to build Twiglet's Star Wars lego for him !!
    Twiggy x

  4. Doesn't look like daddy's driving it as wearing it. LOL The picture gives quite a chuckle. Thanks for posting! :-D

  5. Replies
    1. Just what I was thinking! I'm sure I'd get stuck!

  6. Aw! It reminds me of a book my son (between the ages of your two gentlemen here...) lent me - a description of an enormous bodyguard trying to drive a hired Fiat!

    Jane (above) has suggested that I get in touch with you as I have an urgent chicken health question. If you're prepared to pop over to my blog and look at my concerns, I'd be really grateful for anything you could suggest. Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much for your kind and detailed reply - I feel a lot better knowing a) that the causes are understandable and b) that there are a few more things I can try. This morning I noticed that she was, perhaps, straining a little, so I gave her a warm bath and put her to dry in a warm, dark box to see if she does indeed have an egg she needs to get out. No egg yet, but she seemed to perk up with the attention, so no harm done either, I think. I'll go and leave her a bit of tinned cat food now, and see if that disappears while I leave her alone... Then when she's dry I'll pop her back out into the sunshine near her bantam friend and I'll go through your suggestions - I feel better having read them, so thanks a lot!


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