Friday, 7 September 2012

In the corner of the room........

In the corner of the living room ...... a little bucket sits on it's own little stool, soon it will be joined by more little buckets and some much larger buckets and then maybe they won't live in the living room but be moved to the spare room, where they will bubble away together.  A happy family of bubbling buckets.
But for the moment we are quite enjoying the quiet 'burlup burlup' noises coming from our very first batch of homemade cider.
Lovely Hubby spent about four hours the other night chopping, mashing and crushing the first of the apples to come off our huge old apple tree, there are literally hundreds more and we have spied a neglected apple tree over the fence that is enticing LH to a spot of apple scrumping..... naughty boy!
While the dogs are away (in kennels for the weekend) and it's nice and quiet, I think I know a man who will be climbing over a fence very soon!!
Watch out, watch out, there's an apple thief about.
Sue xx


  1. We have our berloop berloop buckets in the dining room,then they are moved into the pump room.
    Whoa! The fumes hit you first thing in the morning!
    Jane x

  2. Just found your blog via Down to Earth. My husband's tried cider making the last couple of years; it's been an exciting process but the end result has been, well, pretty disgusting! I hope yours goes much better and look forward to reading about it. Our apple tree has got barely any apples this year, so the cider-making experiment is on hold!


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