Monday, 17 September 2012

My Visit to Manchester

On Wednesday afternoon I tootled up the Motorway to Manchester (see Simon....I'm finally saying UP instead of DOWN) to visit my Lovely Mum and have some well earned girly time.
She'd signed me up for Line Dancing, something she did very well with my Dad for many years, so well in fact they have the medals and certificates to prove it.. 
So I valiantly ho de ho'd this way and sashayed that way, obviously everyone else in the class choose to go the wrong way on purpose just to confuse me!!  The lady with the form of Tourettes  that makes her leap up in the air and clap her hands at every opportunity really helped me stay synchronised whenever I had the luck to turn in her direction (I kid you not here!).  And when I fell over my own feet and got soooooo dizzy I had to sit down for five minutes I think my Mum and the class finally came to the sad conclusion that I am not a born Line Dancer, and that I have most certainly not inherited a single dance gene from either of my parents.  I wonder if my brother has them all.......Graham I pass you the dancing baton.....NOW!

Bringing the class to a halt with our giggles.

So we caught the tram and went and did what we do best.....had a coffee and a giggle in good old M & S.  Mum refused point blank to buy this lovely hat .....
...... even when I showed her in the mirror how bad a hat can look....on me!
After a lovely day we returned home to make some tea for my brother and younger son, Jason, who both descended on Mum's to be fed after hard days work at their respective jobs. So a lovely day was followed by a lovely evening, lots of laughs and chat and advice handed out to all there.
Next morning I helped Mum load some photos off her camera onto her computer and these two were among them, so they we quickly emailed home ready for todays post.

This lovely man, Victor and many others on the Allotment Society Committee decided that on my Dad's death earlier this year they should put up a plaque in his honour.  Without Dad the allotments would have been bulldozed to the ground and houses built in their place.  He campaigned tirelessly, and rallied the other allotment holders to visit council meeting and put their case forward, for once, unusually in this day and age, they were actually listened too and the allotment site lives on to bring many happy hours of fresh air, gardening and good nutritious food to an area of Manchester that really needs it.
Well done Dad, the honour is well deserved.
I had a wonderful couple of days thank you Mum, and next a warning to Bognor Regis......we will be heading your way in a few weeks for a whole week of girly giggles......Bognor you have been warned!!
*** *** ***
I'm off to the vets this very minute to take a certain little lady to have her stitches out.  Sadly there will be no little Pug puppies in this house now.
Sue xx


  1. Lovely time by the look of it. Well done to your dad for keeping the allotments going.

  2. What a giggle ! I think your mum should have a hat. So happy your dad's hard work lives on & was recognised x


  3. Thank you for a lovely time ,

    You really are to hard on yourself , You were thrown in at the deep

    Well done for trying love Mum XXXXXXXXXX

  4. I tried line dancing once...I'm just as good as you are!
    I saw the photo of your Mum in the hat and I thought "Wow, Sue's Mum's a trendy gal!" I like the hat!
    Superb way to remember your Dad's efforts!!
    Jane x

  5. What a lovely thing to do by the Allotment Society x

  6. oooo Sue's mum, that hat looked FAB!


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