Monday, 10 September 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

Ooops, extremely late in posting today, sorry!!
It was a busy but wonderful weekend.  Saturday saw us tootling up the motorway to Birmingham to take part in the first ever Harcombe Conference.  Just 50 or so like minded individuals, listening to Zoe Harcombe, having lunch together and being motivated by Earl to keep ourselves on track with the Harcombe way of eating.
Nice to be with so many other folk that get why we eat the way we eat (what is so strange about eating real food and not processed food), sometimes having to explain yourself over and over again is positively wearing.
We all left clutching our goodie bags and vowing to meet up again for another conference next year, with lots of smaller meets in the meantime.

We stayed overnight in a pretty basic but very satisfactory Travel**dge in Kingswinford and then Sunday morning saw us crossing yet more county borders and heading into Shropshire to the absolutely gorgeous town of Ludlow for the annual food festival.

Lots of wonderful stalls selling guessed it REAL FOOD.  We sampled lots and bought back a few things to eat at home.  We eventually got home just after teatime and got ourselves and the chickens organised, before a leisurely evening over a glass of wine and a spot of television.
Today was spent catching up over on the Harcombe Forum, and at home with chickeny work and washing, so that is my excuse for a late night blog post, apologies for keeping you waiting for an answer to where we had been.  Had any of you guessed?
Sue xx


  1. Hi, long time reader, very occasional poster - I have just bought Stop Counting Calories........., and I live inLudlow, missed the food festival, cannot walk far at present so decided not to try andattend and have been lazing near the Malverns in our motor home. Hope you had a geat time. Ali.

  2. No, didn't have a clue!! Glad you had an educational time, the Harcombe diet sounds interesting, may investigate further!! I have started to cook from scratch as Hubby has been diagnosed with Diabetes. I seem to have his sugar levels under control, but not my cooking!! I need to get into gear and make some meals for the freezer, so I don't have to slave over a hot stove every night, especially my Quilt meeting nights as I'm sure I go smelling of cooking!!!! Heyho!! Am glad you enjoyed your weekend away. love Heather

  3. Oh, you were quite near to us in Ludlow!

    I thought about going to the Harcombe Conference but has other things on so didn't - glad it was helpful!

  4. Had no idea but that sounds like a good way to spend the weekend!


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