Sunday, 23 September 2012

If you called by on Sunday......

It's a good job Lovely Hubby didn't do this to the computer!!

If you called by on Sunday...... you might have spotted all my Blogs were missing for quite a while, sorry for the scare.
We have had massive computer problems here, I did manage to get online briefly with the laptop and then that went kaput as well.  Lovely Hubby with the aid of a brilliant tech guy on the end of the phone from BT, spent nearly all day twiddling this and playing with that (computer terminolgy is not my strong point) and between them they managed to re-instate everything.
Blogger for once was brilliant and recognised that things were not all they seemed to be and temporarily suspended all the Blogs thinking they had been hacked into big style.  I then simply had to go back on and prove I was me and whoosh here I am.  Up and running and back in action.
Unfortunately it is now almost bedtime and I feel a glass of wine and a good book beckon before my brand new dietery start tomorrow.
In true Facebook stye, I wish you all a  very goodnight and hope you had an enjoyable weekend.
Sue xx 


  1. Welcome back Sue. Enjoy the wine and book, will look forward to the new dietary post tomorrow!

  2. I am surprised that my blog wasn't down then, as mine normally is one of them they target!!


  3. Weren't computers meant to make our lives easier?
    Jane x

  4. Welcome back! and Well Done to Lovely Hubby for having the patience to fix computery things!
    Sarah x

  5. Phew ...we'd hate to lose you ! I'm starting back at weigh in & exercise class this week - good luck x

  6. Technology can be a real pain sometimes.

  7. Yes, computers, you don't miss them untill they stop working.

    I confess to being a total technology knubskull, any little thing that goes wrong I have to shout Help.


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