Monday, 24 September 2012

Not Spending in September

The not spending in September is going pretty well, last week I spent £32 out of my housekeeping budget, so that's the £18 saved straight over into the £2012 in 2012 fund, which is also doing pretty well. (Added in - I just remembered I also spent £2.69  on a coffee at the motorway services at the start of last week, so that's a bit less to the fund!!)
I had a voucher for Sainsburys so decided to top up the fresh stuff from there.  The cheapo mince is for the dogs, two packs mixed with the other cheapo ingredients for homemade dogfood keeps them in food for 6 days at a cost of just 23p per meal, a bargain and I know they are getting good food.  On alternate days they both love cheapo tins of tuna mixed with either a slice of bread or their usual dog mixer.
The freezer is starting to look bare, but I think we should be able to see this month out and maybe even into October before we run out of meal ideas.
I love the feel of not shopping so much and of course it gives me more chance to actually have a sit down and read through some Blogs........ when my computer will let me!!
Everything seems to be working at the moment, thanks to Lovely Hubby spending virtually all of yesterday fixing things, it's a good job it was raining or he would have been sulking, he's halfway through painting his man shed..... that lovely shade of green that we both love so much, and rain unfortunately had stopped play yesterday just before the computers went on the blink.
Sue xx


  1. Glad things are going well for you and here's to a successful end to September's 'no shopping' challenge! It's amazing what you can come up with in the meal department - 2 nights ago I had a stir fried chicken concoction with diced beetroot thrown into the mix - tasted lovely served with wraps, salad and mayo. :) Man shed painting been going on here, too, except I'm supposed to call it a studio. LOL

  2. I like the idea about alternative dog food. Normal dog food always looks so unappetizing.

  3. Hi sue..glad your "no shopping" is going well..i have set a budget of £50 a wk for me,hubby,2 tots and a strapping teenager plus the dog(patch)..its gone well..infact very well..i have put the money saved towards some bundles of clothes for the girls off ebay..unfortunately i have had to buy a new fridgefreezer old one gave up after 20yrs of loyal service so i cannot complain at all...o and hubby bought me a meat/bread whilst i set off with good intentions sometimes poop happens..
    My chest freezer is full of HM goodies..crumbles,pies,soups,stews and lots of frozen veggie and its a no shop october for me..the basics and thats it...
    I would give patch an alternative dogfood..however he is almost 15yrs old and has a dickie tummy at the best of times..poor ole fella..
    take care

  4. I'm hoping for a very low spend October, and I'm going to come in under the £100 per month for September!

  5. I need to use up whats in our freezer as well.

    Our Molly has that many allergies, I would love to make her homemade dog food, but it's not feasible.

  6. I do hope the no shop September work out well!


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