Friday, 21 September 2012

My New Toy

With some of the money that we raised through selling my Dad's hoarded goodies at this summers car boot sales I decided to buy myself something that seemed very fitting.  After all, the stuff we were selling was clutter and this will cut down on lots of the clutter in our house and make our next house move even easier.
I am also allowing myself a small allowance to put some books that are my forever books, those by my favourite authors and books that I love to read and re-read on to it.  The hard copies will then be sold either on Amazon, Ebay or saved for next years car boot sales, to raise yet more money.
Now I'm not a very technically minded person and it took me ages to even realise how to turn the thing on.  I had charged it up overnight and I was sort of waiting for it to announce that it was ready, but no, it just lay there.  The instructions that come with is are only about charging it up.  All the other instructions are on it!!  It's a good thing there is a page of instructions actually on the Amazon Kindle page online.......phew!
I have downloaded about ten of the classics that are available free of charge and a couple of books that I really wanted, so now I am slowly getting used to it.
But you know what....nothing really replaces a good old fashioned book, that you can hold in your hands, smell the pages of and look at the lovely cover when you put it down, and I wouldn't dream of having any of my recipe books on it.
Have a good weekend everyone.  I'm gearing up for something on Monday, so I'm having a quiet weekend for once.
Sue xx


  1. I've had my Kindle for nearly 2 years and I absolutely love it. There are hundreds of free books available - not just the classics. Keep an eye on the Kindle forum where freebies are often posted.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  2. I have been swithering for ages about buying a Kindle, but I do love reading books.

    I might get one before we go on our extended holiday next year.

  3. I found out a few months back that it was possible to download library books onto the computer, so have done that a few times. Took a bit of trial and error to get it right.....I'm even less techie-minded than you, Sue!! You're right, though, it doesn't replace an actual book in your hand - and it's hard to get into a truly comfy position lying in bed where I can easily read my laptop screen without getting a crick in my neck!

    Hmm, so what's the 'something' on Monday? Guess we'll have to wait to find out!

    BTW, how are you getting on with that new HFW cook book?

    Regards, Sooze xx

  4. DB bought me one for my last but one birthday and it was something I had waited for, for so long that I burst into tears. That said, after 10 months it had lain unused so I handed it over to DB. He likes to read in bed at night but was damaging his neck in the position he was using trying to hold books. He loves it, just worked his way through some of the free classics and is now trying to decide what actual book to put on it. Me, I'm afraid at the moment, I still prefer an actual book. However, if you like to read on holiday, then a Kindle is just the thing.

  5. You can't beat a good book in your hands so I'll never buy one! When I buy most of my books from car boot sales at 50p each it would work out much dearer to have one. I bet it would be good on holiday though instead of taking up half the suitcase with books!

  6. I adore my Kindle but it's hopeless for reference books. But I LOVE the way you can increase the font size and it never loses your place

  7. Brilliant litle device, got Mrs one, she loves it, and I must admit I like the ability to take several mostky free hundred books on holiday in my pocket.
    But I still buy books, agree with the general feeling, a real book feels a lot better.

  8. I have not broken down and bought one yet, but when I travel to the UK I ALWAYS buy books and then have to carry them all back to the US...have decided it may be better to just get them on Amazon UK via kindle, and save the trouble. I do love books, too..keep us posted on how you like it!

  9. I absolutely adore mine and it is so much easier to hold reading upside down in bed than those great big hardback books from the library. I suffer with my wrists and carpal tunnel and I find it so much better to hold. Not to mention I now have at least 15 books on the go at once. Imagine carrying all those around in your bag!!

    Hope you enjoy yours as much. A well deserved buy.

    Arwedd xx

  10. A bought one for K last Christmas, but even seeing hers didn't make me want one.I can see the attraction if you want to cut down on clutter though. I suppose it's a bit like storing lots of music on an ipod rather than having CDs cluttering up the place.

  11. I use my Kindle all the time and love it for travelling and taking to work. I do still however use library books, as I find some of the Kindle books still really expensive.

    Julie Q

  12. Ik lees ook veel boeken, heerlijk! Maar ik schrijf ze ook! Kinderboeken, en romans. Kijk maar op Ook schrijf ik een blog, neem maar eens een kijkje op mijn blog., dan en dan rich life - rijkleven en dan een voorpagina met de vraag wil je verder gaan? Daar kun je gewoon indrukken en dan ben je op mijn blog.Laat je nog wat achter op mijn site?

  13. I still prefer books, the smell and feel of the paper, but find the kindle wonderful for travelling, and having just had to go into hospital, it was wonderful for taking some of my favourite books in to read and light enough to hold after surgery on my wrist. So there is definitely a place for it in my life, but it will never replace the "real thing" for me.

  14. I have a tablet, but I still prefer proper books. I find also that I don't get strained eyes like I do when I read a computer screen too long. I agree with Bets, it will never replace books for me.

  15. Jess wouldn't be without her Kindle & takes it everywhere ( even to Reading festival ! )
    Enjoy your new toy. I know what you mean about book covers - I love looking at them !

  16. My hubby bought me one back in April after I kept using his and I absolutely love it. Its great for when we are caravanning, we can take loads of books to read without the weight and clutter. The only sad thing is we are not visiting the library as often.


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