Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Brewery and Production Line

The living room is beginning to resemble a brewery, the 'burlup burlup' noises that had just died down from the demi johns are now sounding out again from the new bucket of cider fermenting on it's little stool.
We had another marathon chopping, blitzing and pressing another batch of apples from the old tree on Tuesday night our production line in full swing for a couple of hours.  Then last night Lovely Hubby did the sterilising and bottling stage.
Again we have cider and some apple juice on the go.  The bottles of apple juice are now sat in the freezer, giving us the promise of fresh homegrown apple juice in the depths of Winter.

While he was bottling I kept him company in the kitchen, for a couple of hours during the afternoon the beetroots that I picked in the morning had been roasting away in the oven. I picked the entire bed to make it worth our while to have the oven on for such a length of time, and now we have another batch of homegrown beetroots pickled ready to go with cheese and homemade bread over the Winter.  The rest were eaten hot with tea last night.   
Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Spinach to be harvested completely and then wilted down and frozen in handful sized blobs ready for using whenever we have soups or stews or goes with so many things and we both love the healthy dark green taste of it.
Simple meals with the taste of homegrown and homemade - you really can't beat it can you.
Sue xx


  1. Can you please tell me how you do your beetroot- I've not heard of roasting it in the oven for pickling before!!

    1. I simply put them in a tray in the oven until they are tender, about an hour for tiny ones and up to around 2 hours for larger ones. Then I top, tail and peel them and pop them into a jar and pour over vinegar. Simples !!

      Sue xx

  2. That's a lovely noise coming from your living room, music to my ears xx

  3. Hi Sue!!! Two of my sons bottle their own beer ~~~ I love hearing that 'glug glug' sound the bubbles make. Though I don't leave tons of comments, I'm still here reading your posts!!!

  4. Looks like my back bedroom (not for sleeping in) with 4 djs of wine usually on the go, and a brew of beer about once a month.
    Pickled beetroot, onions, cucumber and eggs; picalilli and lemon curd.

    Gives a lot of satisfaction to be eating your own preseves and drinking your own made alcohol.


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