Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Suky and Rosy

My gorgeous Pug, Suky is away today.  She's at the vets being spayed, it's the first time I've been at home without her and it's so strange,  Rosy is lost, she's never been an 'only' dog and she keeps running around looking for her partner in crime.
We had a dog trainer round last night to give the dogs a one to one training session and to advise if they were suitable to go to dog obedience classes (Rosy gets very stressed in situations with dogs she doesn't know) and luckily she absolutely outshone our expectations of her.  She remembers all her clicker training from when she was a puppy and last night learnt new tricks and techniques within minutes.
Suky wasn't as spot on but neverthe less she showed what a clever little dog she was and even managed to leave food untouched on command....... not bad for a dog the vet has just called 'obese'!!
I've done the washing, cleaned out all the bird houses and now I'm Blog hopping and waiting for the phone call to tell me she's out of the operation safely.
Fingers crossed.
Edited in:  Suky is now back in the family fold, safe and well and looking extremely bemused by everything that has happened to her today.  She's on bed rest for the next few days, no running, jumping or playing rough with her sister....yeah right like that's gonna happen!!
Happy to have her home alive and kicking.
Sue xx


  1. Hope that phone rings soon and you can have your Suky back home.
    Good work with the training, you must have done it very well the first time!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. When we had our first cats speyed they had to be done on different days...they had never been apart. When one cat was at the vets the other one spent the whole day looking for her sister,she even took the cushions off the chairs and looked underneath.
    Hope your little buddies are soon together again.
    Jane xx

  3. Those two looks like quite the pair!


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