Friday, 28 September 2012

Simple Food

Sticking to our Not Spending in September Challenge when we ran out of bread in the freezer this morning I decided to have a quick baking session and make some homemade bread.  And with the oven on it's always making enough of something to really fill it to capacity.

Our  central heating isn't working at the moment and the earliest date a plumber can get to us to fix it a couple of weeks away the house so the house is pretty cold, but believe it or not I found the warmest spot to leave the bread to rise, even though it's not working properly, is still on top of the central heating boiler, so there is sat for the first rise, covered in clingfilm and then draped with a tea towel.

After the second kneading I shaped the loaves and decided a few buns would be nice to go with lunch, once they had risen sufficiently to be cooked they were all brushed with milk and then sprinkled with an assortment of seeds and oats.

Fresh out of the oven and looking very tasty.

As I am doing the Dukan Diet at the moment, I made myself a loaf of 'Dukan friendly' bread, made with oatbran, wheatbran and eggs instead of flour. 

 It's a very dense bread but brilliant with soup.

And that's what was on the menu for lunch.......vegetable soup for me .....

... and Beef and Vegetable soup for Lovely Hubby.  He likes his 'with bits' and I like mine whizzed up, so we each had our favourite.
Nice simple food and the house warmed up nicely with the oven being on for a while.
Sue xx


  1. I never buy bread, I always make my own. ANY shop bought bread makes me feel ill.
    We prefer our soup whizzed up too!
    Jane x

  2. we'll have to get you starring on tv with those fab breads and soups!
    I prefer whizzed soups, but this week I've made "bits" ones, and I may be a new convert...

  3. Chunky soups at our house!I love homemade soup as it's so quick to make but so nutritious and warming. With homemade bread it's a real feast isn't it? Your bread looks fab !

  4. Oh, yum yum!! I have just been shopping in S-bugs and after looking at their unappetising 'fresh' bread, I think I will resurrect my breadmaker again!! It's whizzed soups in this house too!! Have a good weekend. Regards Heather.

  5. Doesn`t that bread just look fantastic!! I bet it tastes glorious, too!
    I`ll be making some oaty loaf tomorrow. It also usually ends up a bit dense. I prefere dense bread to the fluffy, tastles supermarket breads.

  6. Yummy! My lady has made some flourless muffins. Quite good! I've told her I want to test them but so far...nothing for the goat. Harrumph.

  7. I also like the "bits" in my soup! Love your bread. It is beautiful!

  8. That bread looks delish. Do you deliver? :)

  9. I think you just became the star baker, fancy a do at the great british bake off?

  10. Looks scrumptious. Any left-over?


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