Friday 24 August 2012

Tractors and Chairs Weekend

The Bank Holiday weekend is all about tractors and chairs for us, oh and a bit of tidying and sorting out around the place. 
Lovely Hubby replaced the windscreen on the second love of his life yesterday, it had shattered into a hundred pieces, a mixture of age and the heat, so now it is resplendent with a brand new windscreen.
He also put new decals in place after it's paint job and it looks all smart and fully dressed again.  For those tractors enthusiasts out there (Jane!!) it is a John Deere 3130 with a 'designed by LH' hydraulic system now in place, a very useful big boys toy!!
While he was tinkering with his toy I was beginning the renovation of Jessie's chairs.  They are sturdy dining chairs that we inherited from my lovely Mum in laws house and although are in good condition do not fit in with our style at all, so I am going to help them to fit in just a little bit better.
First job pop out all the seat pads, then sand down the frames and undercoat.  Then they will be painted with two coats of our favourite colour.   I'll post the 'after' pictures when they are done, I am concentrating on two at a time, as LH was actually using one all day yesterday to give him a leg up to climb on the tractor., our jobs usually overlap nicely when we work together.

I was out taking the photos first thing this morning after getting the chickens up and look who ran over to greet me, the dogs were still snoozing in bed (they are not morning dogs!!).

Take my picture Mum he seemed to be saying..... so I did!!
Hope your weekend is everything you want it to be, whether that be a lazy time off work weekend or a busy, get jobs done kind of a weekend.  I do so hope we have just a little bit of sunshine....fingers crossed, nope better not do that........  I won't be able to hold my brush!
Sue xx


  1. A busy weekend ahead but all weather dependant so likely to change !

  2. lovely to have found your blog, I shall be reading with interest :-) Hope you get some sun this weekend!

  3. I can't wait to see the chairs when they are finished. Do keep us posted :)

  4. *SWOON* A 3130! Thanks for the fix...she is a rather beautiful thing, I can understand why hubby loves her so much!
    Jane xxx
    PS It's not just me, a blogfriend's daughter is having a John Deere themed wedding WOOHOO!!!!!! Your hubby would look lovely in one of the John Deere waistcoats the men in the bridal party are wearing.

  5. Excellent, look forward to seeing the after pics. You're going to spur me on to get my chairs finished now!! Currently have a couple in the workshop awaiting their paint so will have lunch and go and get on - race you to it!!

  6. I hope you will share pics of the finished chair project!

  7. Have a great weekend!

  8. Just catching up with your posts. I have some similar chairs which I love but have thought about re-covering the seats. Not been brave enough but perhaps if you show me how....?

    Have a great weekend.

    SFT X


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