Monday 20 August 2012

Lush and Green

Everything's lush and green here on the old homestead at the moment.  Sometimes too lush for my liking.  I start to feel swamped at this of year when everything is going over into full blown greenness.

The weeds win the battle when you have so much land, you have to learn  to almost turn a blind eye to some of them or you'd be super stressed with that awful feeling of not being able to cope.

I admit I get on the verge of that sometimes even now, but nowhere near as bad as I used to be.  I know now that if chunks of land don't get weeded and even if the weeds look like triffids about to take over the place entirely, come that first frost of Winter they will be well and truly zapped and my worry and stress will have all been in vain.

So this year I am relaxed about it, more relaxed than ever.

My herbs are flowering, but I don't mind I enjoy eating the flowers too, sprinkled over salads and sandwiches, nibbled while out and about.

The herb sink is looking good .... and tasting even better.  We add them to so many dishes, nothing is roasted without a few springs of herbs, they add their deliciousness to all our foods.  Even a simple tray of homemade potato wedges reaches new heights of flavour when roasted with a sprig of Rosemary or a scattering of Thyme.

Gorgeous flowing Thyme.

The cucumber at the top?  ...... my pride and joy, the biggest straightest of the season and totally yummy it was too, I have a little piece left of it to add to my lunch today.

I'm off now to feed the windfall apples to the hens and geese, they are loving them and are getting at least half a dozen a day, chopped into pieces so they can share slightly more fairly.   We have a tree that is drooping under the weight of it's bountiful crop so every windfall that drops off is a lightening of a very heavy load for this lovely old tree.

Sue xx


  1. The herbs look super. I've had a fight with the slugs this year as they took a real fancy to the chives and parsley. However, they never seem to like the mint.

    I actually grow weeds...most people think I'm an absolute nutter but I have a dedicated weed patch and grow a selection of weeds for my tortoises. When suitable weeds pop up in other areas of the garden I just transplant them into my patch!

  2. if only I could ignore the housework as you are treating the weeds!!

  3. Weeds are just misplaced flowers...some of the weeds have nicer flowers than the 'real' ones!
    Jane x


  4. Ariella - A weed patch is a brilliant idea if you have a tortoise.

    t and b - I'll let you into a little secret.....I ignore the housework too! shhhh....don't tell everyone I have pet 'dust bunnies' !!

    Jane - I agree completely, so many of the weeds here are absolutely beautiful another reason not to pull them up too soon.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  5. Love the herb sink, that's a great idea. Our mint has almost completely disappeared this year, weird because for the last 5 years it has been gradually taking over the garden!

  6. Your Herbs look good. I love the flowers on thyme (I've got a little plant called turkish thyme that has the prettiest). Weeds are out of control with me now, I just keep thinking - one year seeded, seven years weeded! Very few apples at my mums and dads farm (my trees are too young) so you're lucky with your harvest, I've heard lots of people saying its a bad year for apples (around here at least).

  7. You have really cheered me up regarding weeds - thanks :) I love gardening but can get a bit stressy re this large garden and its weeds.

  8. I never realised you could eat the flowers on herbs. Bindweed we have plenty of.

  9. We've not got a single apple or plum on the trees this year. My hens and rabbits loved the windfall apples last year.


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