Thursday, 9 August 2012

All's well in Chicken World

The magnificent Caldwell the Second is ruling the roost.  He's gorgeous to look at but is a grumpy little sod.  Make sure you know where he is or you may just find him attacking from the rear!!

He tries to have a go at me at least once a day, but I pick him up and give him a cuddle and he soon stops that, he goes off in a huff and shouts at one of his many wives....... a serious case of 'little man syndrome'!!

The two sizes of Black Marans are lovely to look at, all glossy of feather and strikingly coloured.  Not the cuddly type but friendly enough.

The Gosling have gotten pretty big now.  They protect the flock admirably, stretching to their full height and stretching out those beautiful wings whenever anyone approaches Chicken World.

Usually found together they really are a trio of loveliness.

Harry, Larry or Mo ...... I simply can't tell them apart, they are all equally beautiful.  We're still of the opinion that they are all girls, as boy Chinese Grey Geese have a large hump that develops on the top of their beaks and no sign of that .....for the moment at least. 

We love them no matter what sex they are. They have fitted in so well with all the other birds.

They even recognise Caldwell as the Big Daddy that he thinks he is!

Sue xx


  1. Gosh what lovely pictures Sue. I am envious of you, I have always liked the idea of keeping chickens etc but there is one problem, I have been scared of feathery creatures ever since I was a kid and a tern dived at me on the beach and pecked my head! I know it's silly but I just can't seem to get over the fear!! Yvonne xx

  2. Oh what beauties ...
    how come you still have grass?mine desecrate every area they are put in.

  3. Islay Lass - try holding a chick or some little Bantams they are so feathery and lovely to touch you might get over your phobia. (Although thinking about it I guess if someone told me to hold a spider I'd be horrified!!)

    nto - We have the chickens in a 1.5 acre paddock, on about 1/4 of it at a time behind electric fencing to protect them from Mr Fox, we move the whole thing up every 4 or 5 weeks, so they are permanently on good grazing grass. Doing it this way each patch gets a good rest before the birds are back on it, it usually completely recovers in about a month.

    Some of our birds are Pekin Bantams so they and the Goslings need grass as a foodstuff not just the pellets.

  4. Very funny reading about Cauldwell the Second and his 'little man' syndrome. It makes me realise that we are quite lucky with our cockerel (well, not OUR cockerel but next door's cockerel who spend more time in our garden) he makes a hell of a noise but is actually quite a timid soul.

    Good to read about your geese. I have just been reading up on the fairytale Goose Girl (am getting a new mobile in stock based on it) so my day is suddenly filled with geese :)



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