Thursday, 2 August 2012


Wow....what a planting session that turned out to be.  This may not look like a big bed is!! 

It's about two metres deep by about five metres or so long, so lots of room for most of the plug plants that arrived the other day from Rocket Gardens.  In a nod to it being our 'front garden' I've done something I don't usually do and I've planted it all symmetrically, and in colour  groups so it should look good when they are all a bit bigger.  I also  added the 'picking path' made from broken slates from the new oak framed garage roof rather than a plank of wood, which would be my normal choice.  I'll post another picture in a couple of weeks and we'll see if the plan has come together.

I spent ALL of yesterday outside planting, and this morning's tired and aching back is telling me just that. 

The overflow of plants, the courgettes that needed more space each and those things that needed a bit more depth went in the raised beds in the Veggie Patch, which I then temporarily 'deer proofed' with some electric fence posts and netting in one bed and plastic tray baskets in the other.  It's not pretty but hopefully it will be effective until we can make the proper bed covers that we need.

Look you can see in the background I've even got an old bread carrying basket covering my Kale, shhhh........ the deer haven't found it yet.

I'm hoping that the security lights that will come on if they come near the house will deter the deer from eating all these tender little babies.  Now I just have to keep the dogs off, Suky as a penchant for Lettuce, especially while it's tender and still growing!!

After I had given everything a good drink with the hosepipe, it started raining so they should be off to a good start.

A few of you have asked exactly what plants I got so here is the list of what is now firmly planted in our soil.

  • Mixed red and green lettuce x 30
  • Wild rocket x 10
  • Mizuna x 10
  • Courgette x 6
  • Chicory x 10
  • Cabbage selection x 20
  • Leeks x 10
  • Onion x 10
  • Cavolo Nero x 10
  • Cauliflower x 10
  • Savoy cabbage x 10
  • Brussels Sprouts x 10
  • Spinach x 10
  • Beetroot x 10
  • Red Russian Kale x 10
  • Rainbow Chard x 10
  • Calabrese x 10
  • Borecole (Curly Kale) x 10
  • Runner beans x 10
  • Carrots x 10

  • 226 plants for £41.24 = 18p each

    Plus enough free hay to fill all the nesting boxes in the henhouses twice over.


    I think much better than spending this amount at the supermarket, this little lot should keep us going for quite a while, I'm so glad that's one job out of the way.

    Today it's off to the farm supplies shop to pick up some layers pellets and corn for the girls (chickens), with the goslings help they are chomping through large quantities at the moment. So a welcome day off from weeding and planting, and a chance to wear clean clothes and ..... NO wellies!!

    Sue xx


    1. I hope Mr Slug keeps away from your newly planted veg garden. He and his pesky mates have decimated our allotment - they've even stripped the good sized courgette plants bare - we just have stalks covered in slug trails left!

    2. I went on to the site - superb. Hope your hard work & all those little veggies are safe from those that would like to eat it

    3. How exciting to have everything planted and weed free!! We will be tilling our garden under in the next week or two so we can try and get in a second season. This year has been so hot and dry nothing is doing well

    4. You have been busy, and I get tired just looking at the list of things you've planted!! :-) But what rewards will come from it all!!

    5. Wow how do you find the time? All that work and 2 blogs as well - I am full of admiration for you! I have been so busy getting my ideas together for my new blog that the weeds are starting to multiply at an alarming rate! We grow peppers here but now I am inspired by you to put a bit more effort into the garden! Yvonne xx

    6. Wow - I bet you felt like you'd had a work out after planting that lot.I bet it will look fantastic when the bed is filled with goodies ready for harvesting - looking forward to seeing progress pics.

    7. Looks fantastic, thats a great selection of plants you received.


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