Friday 17 August 2012

Ginger the Cat

Meet Ginger, he's our adopted cat, ours for a while.

He belongs to our landlords little girls and while they are all living abroad Ginger had to stay behind so we offered to have him stay with us. A perfect scenario for everyone. Our landlord gets peace of mind and Ginger didn't have to go to a new home or be uprooted at all from his own and we get an extra furry friend to join our happy little bunch of misfits.

He is a lovely placid two year old Tom cat. We wondered how he would react when we moved in with our two cats and three tearaway dogs, but the first time they all met and they rushed towards him backing and hissing, he lay on his back showed his tummy to the world and meowed ..... and they all stopped dead in their tracks.

He is like a Buddhist cat. He is calm and collected, walks slowly to where he wants to go, leaps up stealthily and settles within minutes. You pick him up from the chair you want to sit on and he lays limply in your arms until you place him where you want him to be, and he sighs quietly and goes straight back to sleep.

He has his moments, and likes nothing better than a game of hunt with Archie, but not for him the mad chase and the swift despatch of a tiny being...... he is content to play the game and leave Archie to the kill.

And then when energy has been expended and manly cat duties accomplished, they curl up together on the office chair (and yes, in this case on top of Lovely Hubby's hat) and fall into serene pussycat sleeps.

Sue xx


  1. I think it's in a ginger cat's nature to be a soppy thing, our old boy is a ginger and he's just a lap warmer who like to purr

  2. Our neighbours cat has adopted us - he has a flap and plenty of love and food but wants to live with Amber - no matter how many times he is booted out, he sneaks in at every opportunity and curls up on our chair. He loves my ginger Ambercat and they spend all their time together - I am secretly hoping when his family move house next year he might ask to stay with us!

  3. What a lovely kitty :) I wonder if he'll end up moving in with you permanently after this... Cats really do pick their owners and Ginger certainly seems well settled in with your clan now.

  4. What a relaxed cat ! Bramble is most put out this week as his other mummy has visitors who are probably sitting on HIS chair. He keeps coming home & sits looking over the road at his other home !

  5. What a sweetie, and aren't you angels for giving him a place to stay.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. I love seeing cats' snuggled up together...makes me want to join them!
    Jane x

  7. What a fabulous cat. He reminds me so much of my first ever cat both in looks and the way that you describe him. Thanks for sharing and how lucky you are to be adopted by him too.

  8. He is a lovely cat,it's good of you to take care of him. My ginger Bugsy is also laid back. Does not mind other cats and dogs visiting.

  9. I think more than likely he will end up staying with you! Yvonne xx

  10. Wow, how gorgeous is he? So lovely that Archie and Ginger can get along like that. Hope the hat survived!!

    Sarah x


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