Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bountiful Crops and Tenacious Gardeners

The baby apple tree has done pretty well this year.  Considering it was rudely uprooted, moved and now lives in two tyres it's done very well.

It's crop was thrice that of the Cherry Tree, which for those of you that read regularly know was a single cherry.  Which wasn't too much of a problem as I don't like cherries, so Lovely Hubby got to eat the whole harvest himself!

 We obviously weren't quick enough with the harvest though as one of them has mysteriously vanished ... so now there are TWO.

That's okay, I like apples and that's one each.

Derby and Joan still dance in Dad's memorial bed, catching my eye each day as I pass to water either the veg or the chickens making me smile and pause a moment.   Although the lovely plants around them are 'deer nibbled' and struggling for existence.  Every now and then a brave bud bursts open and a beautiful flower emerges and I'm reminded once again of the tenacious gardener Dad was and how he never gave up .... so neither do I.

In spite of deer, rabbits, birds, slugs and snails, oh yes and a certain little Pug dog that has been seen chewing thoughtfully on the lettuces when she thinks I'm not looking,  we are still eating from the Veggie Patch.

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, this made me laugh- we have had our little apple tree for nearly five years. Two years ago we had one apple, and this autumn we hope the three that have appeared will have survived footballs and small boys long enough to eat! Also very moved by the garden x

  2. Come to my house for pears. We have a tree full of them. Now if only we could keep the dog away from them!

  3. Hi Sue that made me smile, it's like our lemon tree, we have had it for 2 years, last winter we got a lemon but Other Half lit the barbeque directly under the lemon and it got scorched! This winter we had zero lemons! Not so long ago though I cut the tree right back as it was not flourishing and ever since I did that it has come alive! So fingers crossed for a few lemons this time round! I love the wee memorial garden, that is just lovely - Yvonne xx

  4. Well hey. I got two apples - but off two trees - and zero cherries. So you win. Hands down. I hand it to you. But there's always next year, mwahahahahah ...


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