Sunday 26 August 2012

It really is.......

It really is..... a weekend of tractors ........
... and chairs.

Archie inspected Lovely Hubby's handiwork and found it was all looking good, he allowed him to move onto sorting out the front of the house.   He's putting a new flower bed under the living room window and laying some more of the driveway, so we don't have mud trailed into the house all  Winter..
Me ........I'm still painting chairs ......!!
Sue xx


  1. Dear Sue
    I love the paint colours for your chairs and am really looking forward to seeing the finished products. All your hard work will definitely be worth it.
    Best wishes

  2. You two are made for each other! You are so industrious and get so much done!

    Sft xx

  3. you just never stop! I have been painting my garden bench today - but only boring old woodstain - I wish now that I had picked a pastel like your beautiful chairs!

  4. Still looking forward to seeing the chairs!

  5. The chairs are looking good Sue!
    Sarah x

  6. Just discovered you via the hilariously named Miss Organic Fair Trade Knickers - good to discover like-minded souls!

    Pomona x (aka Knit Your Own Dishcloths)

  7. A cat on a Deere! Cats always love a high spot don't they?


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