Friday 31 August 2012

Love Can Move Mountains

When we first moved into this house it was fronted by two wildly overgrown flowers beds and a mud filled area in front of them for parking on.  With dogs running in and out it was blatantly obvious we had to get something more substantial there so we bought a ton or 4 of road planings.  This was the immediate problem sorted out. 
Once we had done everything deemed more urgent lovely Hubby decided that now, before next Winter sets in, was the time to finish off around the house.  So with that in mind after he had finished his tractor renovations last weekend he began to work on the front.

Of course he had already laboured long and hard to get the right hand bed done so I could plant my Rocket Garden, it's doing brilliantly well by the way and we are eating lots of lovely salad leaves from it already.  So this time he turned his attention to the left hand bed that also leads around the side of the house. 
Edging around the whole area with wood left over from other jobs, digging up weeds, laying lots of cardboard as a natural biodegradable weed suppressant and then filling in with our homemade compost and a layer of top soil, he toiled for hours.
But it was worth it.
We are both really pleased with the results, it's looking much neater now and the oil tank is easier to get to ready for our Winter delivery of oil.
Of course now he just has a couple more mountains of road planings to spread around to finish off the parking areas around the house.
I always knew that man of mine would move mountains for me.
Sue xx


  1. It looks lovely! And what a great idea to use the road stones. Wish we'd thought of that when we lived in Devon. I love that wood store behind the house, perfect. Makes me think of nice fires. x

  2. We used to have gravel on our driveway...the snowplow flings them everywhere!
    Jane x

  3. thanks Sue for the piggy comment, I do agree with you that its natures way of removing the dimmest piglet from the bunch, but such a sad way to go...!
    Love can indeed move mountains, and beds, and paving slabs and...
    Have a lovely weekend- and more cookbooks to try?

  4. Golly, you are lucky to have such a hard working man around the house!
    My DB has back troubles and I could never let him lose on any such jobs. Here, it`s my job to do all those DIY related things. Needless to say, some jobs get put off or even never get done, due to time restrictions on my part. Shame, that there is no chance of borrowing somebody like your hubby for about 1 year, lol.

  5. What a great planting of lettuce :-)

  6. That does look good. I bet the lettuce bed looks great as well.

  7. The two of you work so hard. It's wonderful to see what you do next !


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