Friday 10 August 2012

The Happiness Revolution - August

I don't always join in with this, but I was reading the lovely Astra's Blog, A Journey to a Dream and she inspired me, it's such a lovely post, she has such a lovely baby bump and they worked so hard to give their baby such a good start they have my utmost admiration.

So here goes..... my Happy List.

The ten things making me happy this month are -

1. My Mum, she's doing so well, I'm so proud of her, the way she is learning to cope with all the things that life throws at you when you're suddenly alone.  I'm so happy that she is taking these huge steps so boldly, and my Dad would be even more proud than me.

2.  My Lovely Hubby, who has bravely just had a tattoo done to match mine, he's been threatening to for years and he finally just went and did it.  Every sailor needs a tattoo and now he's got one!

3.  Feeling like I'm on the start of a brilliant journey to get healthy.  Lots of sleep and rest were what I needed and I'm starting to get that at last.

4.  The sun - at last it's remembered to shine ...and sod the housework I intend to sit and read in it whenever I can!

5.  Sparkling water with ice and a slice .......  mix this with number 4 ........mmmm lovely.

6.   My lovely little doggies Rosy and Suky, wonderful to be with, annoying at times with the constant barking at flys, butterflys, birds in the sky, but I wouldn't be without them for the world.

7.  Cookery books, I'm loving working my way through my books on The Recipe Book Blog.  The one I'm reading now is brilliant.

8.  Blogging Buddies that keep Blog world so alive with tales of their lives, we are all so different and get up to so many different sorts of things and yet when push comes to shove we are all there for each other in so many ways.

9.  My new veggie patch at the front of the house, all the seedlings have taken, not a single death amongst them, at last some successful home veggies on the way.

10.  Life - we all only have the one, we should learn to see the happy side of it whenever we can, why worry about the past or the future .... rejoice in the NOW.

What are your 10 happy things for August, grab the picture at the top and share!!

Sue xx


  1. a friend in France posted this morning "live life like someone left the gate open..."
    yay! xx

  2. That's a lovely post, just what I needed to cheer me up after a long hard day at work! Have a great weekend! Yvonne xx

  3. What a lovely post Sue and a good reminder that we do indeed have plenty to be thankful for. I haven't done a thankfulness post for a long time, perhaps I will join you soon. Betty

  4. What a lovely post!! :) Marina xx

  5. A friend in France posted this morning "live life like someone left the gate open..." Very hard sleep.....

  6. Great list sue sounds like you have a lot to be happy about - I always love seeing your animal and gardening pictures/posts. Thanks for lovely comment and the link love :)

  7. Hello, I found your blog this morning and love it. This post resonates with me because I always strive to appreciate the little things around me. I follow Astra, such inspiration. I love that you dont do tags etc too. Very refreshing. If you dont mind I will borrow this idea for my next blog post.


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