Tuesday 7 August 2012

Good Morning

My phone is my alarm, so I daren't do this to it, although I am often tempted.

The mornings are not nice at the moment, where is the sunshine that we need at this time of year to make us jump from our beds awake and alive and ready to face another day.  We have dreary grey skies here today.  I was going to put a couple of my tomato plants out in an old tin bath today to make a bit of space in the greenhouse, but I am afraid they may get too cold!!

The plug plants that I planted last week are all surviving up to now.  I have had to resort to a few slug pellets on the bed near the house as when I stepped out the other night there were hundreds of the little slimy pests on the patio and the grass around the house I couldn't believe my eyes.  I would normally put down a beer trap or two and let them drown happy, but I fear the sheer numbers at the party would simply turn it into a rave!!

I don't like killing anything, but sometimes needs must.  I do apologise!!   Does anyone else say sorry as they swat that annoying fly and accidently kill it, or is it just me.

Life's a bit tough at the moment,  I wish I was one of these cygnets, sometimes we all need a soft wing to hide under.

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, in the winter months when it rains a lot we have a problem with snails - I absolutely hate putting the pellets down but if we don't there would be nothing left in our garden! And yes, I am like you, if I kill something I hate myself, felt like a mass murderer the other day when I had to deal with a cockroach! Sorry you're findng life tough right now, hopefully sunnier days will be just around the corner. Yvonne xx

  2. I vacuum around spiders....but mozzies, I have no sympathy for them!
    Jane x

  3. Hope you have a soft place to fall right now Sue. xxxxx

  4. You are under all our wings ! We need some sunshine to help warm us all and cheer us up. You have lots of friends here who support you - things will get better!

  5. I think we all need abit of sunshine to lighten our lives. Hope it gets easier for you soon. love Heather

  6. I agree with the cygnets hiding place looking good. Do hope all is well dear Sue and that things get better soon xx

  7. Slugs and snails are the bane of my life at the moment so I have every sympathy - I tend to pick them up and hurl them as far as possible.

  8. I adore the picture of the swan and her cygnets. Just lovely.

  9. I feel the same away about all these little creatures....that although i absolutley HATE spiders I still force myself to pick it up with a dustpan and give it a second chance outside. The other day my MIL killed an earwig in front of me and I felt bad for it.....glad to see that Im not the only one suffering the guilt. And I would gladly share our sunshine with you...we have plenty to go around HOT


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