Wednesday 8 August 2012

Cats and Weeds

The cats and dogs seem to be sleeping a lot this week, I think they are all as fed up with the weather as we are.  I put Lovely Hubby's hat on the office chair to try to stop the cats sleeping on it, we get ginger fur all over our dark jeans when we sit down if he does..... as you can see that didn't work!!

Yesterday I washed the blanket that is usually on the back seat of the truck for the dogs to lie on, when I brought it in and folded it ready to go back out, I left it for five minutes while I took the other dry washing into the bedroom when I came back there was Archie just getting comfortable.  The blanket is still there today only now Ginger is asleep on it.

I turned my back for a minute and Ginger was back on the chair.  This time he was evicted after all I was halfway through this post!!

The dogs are asleep in the kitchen, sharing Rosy's bed, how do I know..... I hear Suky's snores and the odd warning growl from Rosy as Suky takes up too much room and is told in no uncertain terms to keep away.

I feel like joining them, it is yet another grey morning here in Berkshire, the air is still and warm but the sky is dull.  Where is Summer when you need her?

Another coffee I think and a little tour around Blog World and then I'll get out and do a spot of seems the weeds, the slugs and snails are the only ones enjoying this Summer.

Sue xx


  1. Yes it is so warm & sticky isn't it. Your poor animals.

  2. I ironed yesterday, lint rolled the black and brown napkins, folded them neatly and put them on the side, turn around and in a split second Miss Fleur was on them...a smile on her face..."hmmm, warm..."
    Jane x

  3. Love the pics! Tried to comment on your other blog but it wouldn't let me - will try again later xx

  4. Love this post. Your cats are gorgeous. My 3 are just as quick to jump on any cosy looking spot - absolutely nothing is sacred. It is a constant battle to keep cat fur off my work clothes so I don't go to work looking like a crazy cat lady. :)

    (I think I really am going to become a crazy cat lady when I am older.)

  5. Sorry Mrs T, comments were turned off on the other Blog while it was out of action, I've just turned them back on especially for you.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  6. Very cute cats, and Archie is a lovely name for a wee cat! It's dull here in Cyprus too today, dull but boiling, a horrible combination. Yvonne xx

  7. Have awarded you the 'one lovely blog award' - please only accept if you want to .... off to comment on your 'other' blog xx


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