Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Longest Day

Today is the 21st June, the Summer Solstice, well traditionally the Summer Solstice, officially it was yesterday this year because of the Leap Year.  But I always think of today as the longest day of the year.

It's a day we should be out in the garden harvesting the veggies, trying to keep the weeds under control and taking things just that little bit slower. An hours work, a coffee in the shade of the parasol on the patio and then straight back, refreshed and raring to go to more jobs.  Instead we are dashing around in the sunshine one day, trying in vain to keep things as much under control as a garden can ever be, knowing, just knowing in our hearts that the next day could be rain and we would be stuck indoors ....yet again.

Today is miserable and grey, as the drizzle falls past the window I sit and think of things I should be doing out there, but I have no desire to get as wet as this fine mist like drizzle gets you, so I sit and ponder what I should do indoors.

I ironed and hoovered yesterday while it was dry outside, mad misguided fool that I am, so today the place looks clean and tidy and the wardrobes are full.  So I have, just this minute as I type, decided to blitz the spare room, pull out the last few bits and pieces that are lurking in there that could be Car Booted.  I am determined to reach my £2012 in 2012 by hook or by crook, or in my case by unused items that we no longer need.

Off I go to see what I can gather.

Are you Car Booting this Summer, buying or selling.......or both?

Sue xx


  1. It's raining heavily here so I'm busy sewing today - the covers for the Ercol chair. I'm glad I took advantage of the good weather at the beginning of the week to get the frame sanded and waxed. I have loads of things to carboot, but since the one in the big field (where the most money is to be made) started, it has rained every Sunday!

  2. Its raining here but i don't care..its my 26th Wedding Anniversary house is like a florist shop and smells wonderful...we have lots of little things to do..o and as i type the sun has just broken through for a secong..wonderful...
    I have been to a few carboots this year as a buyer..i got fern and iris lots of lovely dresses (matching) for pennies and some lovely old baking pans..
    Lots of love

  3. Still very warm here (in the 30Cs + humidex which makes it feel hotter). It was too hot to do anything yesterday but today I'm getting my hair cut (woohoo).
    Jane x

  4. Hello, it goes from one extreme to the other at the moment here in south Wales. Either lovely and sunny or dark, wet and cold . Today started off sunny but because I have just put clothes on the line and I'm about to pick the kids up from school, of course, the heavens have opened!
    Claire x x x

  5. The weather just makes you weep doesn't it!

  6. Hm, I am going camping this weekend! Not totally enthusiastic and haven't got my things packed yet.

  7. We intend to carboot ( sell ) Started to collect things then lost enthusiam ! Maybe we will have crisp Autumn days for carbooting Blankets, Bacon butties ( sorry Sue ) & mugs of steaming hot tea !
    The local radio is awash with soggy stories from The Isle of Wight Frestival over the water from us this weekend. Sales of wellies going well !

  8. OMG! I just love the graphic. (Hate the weather.)


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