Saturday 10 March 2012

We're in........

Well here we are, we're in.  Living at our new house, well it's already feeling a lot like home, we just need to go back to the old house and pick up the cats to make it completely home.  They did a Houdini yesterday and vanished through the cat flap before we could grab them (yes it was locked, but Toby discovered if he bashed it enough he could get the little locking dial to turn around....clever boy, you have to admire his commitment to escape).

We left them some food and their little beds and set the cat flap to one way, hoping that when we go back this morning for the other hen house they will both be there.

I love my new living room clock, a present bought with some money Mum gave us for a housewarming present, it shows us that we have time, time to do all those little jobs that are left undone, without worrying, time to enjoy visits with Mum and Dad, time to live, to laugh and to love.  Time to be.

The presents that I bought Lovely Hubby for Christmas, silver frames for the pictures of his Mum and Dad and those dearest to him are sitting on the windowsill, bringing family into the home.

He bought me some beautifully turned  handmade wooden bowls that are now sitting in the living room and kitchen, these pressies were all carefully packed away after opening at Christmas and saved until now to make this house our home.

Thank you to all the Bloggers, commenters, lurkers, family and friends that have sent lovely comments and emails welcoming us to our new home.  Special thanks to Sara, Simon, Iris and Fern for their lovely card, the very first one to arrive, it has been sat on the mantlepiece in the newly decorated kitchen since it arrived, giving us hope that we could persevere with the redecoration of the house and really make it our home.

Special cards from special friends - thank you.

Each and everyone of you that Follows, comments or contacts us through this Blog is considered a friend, thank you for being there for us, through thick and thin, through laughter and tears, adventures and discoveries and most of all through the fun and love that permeates our lives so deliciously.  I hope you realise how very welcome you ALL are.

Sue and Alan xx


  1. You will have to butter the cats' feet. I've just told this to a friend worried about his cat after a house move. They will enjoy licking their paws & feel at home !

    So glad you are in & making it homely. Really looking forward to your future blog posts about your new life ... in the country !!! x

  2. So very pleased for you both - may God fill your new home with peace, joy and MUCH laughter!!

    blessings on you - and the may the cats always come home safely

  3. The cats will be fine....once we get them here.

    Archie is THE most laid back moggie ever and Toby has lived through six house moves, including commuting backards and forwards from Cumbria to Reading on a weekly basis for a whole year, so he's very adaptable.

    It's just the actual catching of them to go into the cat baskets that's the problem!!

    Sue xx

  4. Hi..tots went in a state when they saw the card we picked for you...i love your new home..and it looks a like a home too..well done to you and alan for getting it done.
    Try to keep the cats indoors for a few days..apparently it works..they get used to the area and new home with all its new smells and sounds..
    Looking forward to seeing more of the home
    lots of love

  5. Glad you're in and it already feels like home.....looking forward to the future posts.

    Regards, Sooze

  6. ooooooh thankyou dear Sue, but you make our lives richer with your stories wit and wisdom.

    A home really becomes a home when the cats call it so, doesn't it.

    Sending you love happiness and success in this new chapter, and the humour and patience to tackle anything that doesn't come into the above catagory!

  7. Lang may yer lum reek. (Not sure of the spelling !)
    Love Jane xxx

  8. get some dried catnip (Neals Yard or herbal shops sell) and put it where you wan't them to be and they will always want to be there - Ambercat has a pinch on her chair every morning - next doors cat likes to loll on the chair too as he gets the odd leftover - they go very happy with catnip (most cat toys are stuffed with some). Betty

  9. Your kitties will love exploring their new space...ours did :)

    I'm so glad you're moved in and it's feeling like "home" already:) I'm looking forward to more pictures.

  10. Blessings, Luck and Laughter in your New Home! xxx

  11. Good luck with catching those illusive moggies Sue...and congratulation on your new home :)

  12. You have all worked so hard to spruce up your new place, it looks really pretty. Enjoy your new life.

    Cats always do that when you are moving, they don't like change.

  13. What lovely news! Wishing you every joy and happiness in your new home.


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