Friday, 2 March 2012

No Spend Days - Update

Last month I managed a total of 20 No Spend Days, not bad in a month a that contains only 29 days to start with.

I kept my purchasing to the absolute minimum and the food cupboards are looking healthily slimmer, there's still lots there though and I have some brilliant bulk buys  that will last us for ages (huge boxes of pasta from Approved Foods and loads of Cous Cous and rice, so the base for lots more meals.

Last month out of a total housekeeping budget of £200 I was left with £141.48 to add to my '£2012 in 2012 Challenge' coffers and ALL of my personal money went there too, I also sold three old mobile phones and managed to add another £18 to the grand total of  £239.48 for the month. 

You can always follow my progress in the '£2012 in 2012' tab at the tob of the Blog.  I can't wait for the Car Boot season to start so I can really start to earn some money each month.  At the moment I am selling little bits and pieces on Amazon and Ebay to keep a trickle of money, and therefore inspiration, rolling in.

Sue xx


  1. Wow!!! I commend you on your "frugalness"!! I just looked at my checkbook for grocery and household spending for Jan. and Feb. this year and I'm spending an average of $450 (US) a month....YIKES!!! That terrible. There's just the 2 of us and my pantry is quite full. I just went shopping today for a few odds and ends and spent $100!!!I need to do better.

  2. Wow great going Sue! I managed on £152 in February and I'd love to be at that every month. I'll keep trying. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. That is amazing, well done you.

  4. Sue, I have tagged you on my blog today, so hope you can pop over to see what to do. Not done it before.
    You are getting on famously in your new house. I just don't know how you manage to save so much - ours always gets spent. Look forward to following you in your newest venture. Ann x


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