Monday 12 March 2012

£2012 in 2012

Now we're in the house I have to get my mind back in some small ways back to normality (if there is ever a state of normal here).

One small way is to resume my Challenge of raising £2012 in 2012.  As I still have sooooo much to do I thought a good way of earning some extra pennies and not actually having to do very much is to get a few bits on Ebay. 

I put them on yesterday on a seven day sale so it ends next Sunday, a little tip I picked up from someone else here in Blog land, seemingly folk like to sit at their computers at the weekend bidding away in a determined effort to be the lucky 'winner'.

The first things to go on are these lovely little Cath Kidston Egg Cosies.  I thought with it being so close to Easter someone might want to give them as a gift.

They were one of those daft things that I liked the look of and bought, just because I could.  Now seeing them sat there, I'm slightly of the opinion that I must have been mad.  We rarely eat boiled eggs, if we do they are gone in minutes, why would I pop a cosy on to keep them warm.

Wearing my newly frugal and sensible head I have decided that although they are gorgeous to look at they are completely unnecessary and they need to go away and make someone else happy for a while.

They are HERE, if you want to watch their progress.

Today I have to nip back to the old house to pick up a few bits and pieces that we need here and couldn't fit in the cars over the weekend.

What unnessary, but lovely thing have you been tempted to buy in the past that you now know just has to go?

Sue xx


  1. A caffetiere - we own two coffee machines, one of which makes cappuccino, nobody wants to make coffee 'the long way' but the caffetiere looks so nice!

  2. I've placed my bid!

    I think my VERY unneccessary temptation was Bruce...but now I could never let him go!!

  3. Kath Kidson stuff seems to be quite popular, hope you make some good $$ on them! Good luck!

  4. Unnecessary thing???...hhhmmm, let me see....

    A whole attic FULL of "stuff"!!! End tables, pillows, comforters, sheets, craft supplies, toaster, coffeemaker, etc., etc. The reason we have so much is because we had a motorhome and lived in it for 3 1/2 years while we bummed around the US plus we had a house in TX where we spent the winters. So we had a lot of duplicates of everything :)

    I've been thinking very seriously of having a garage sale this summer. Not only to get rid of so much stuff that we'll never use again but also to make a little extra cash.

  5. They are so pretty Sue and I'm sure they'll do really well.

    Sft x

  6. Lots and lots of things. I'm a charity shop addict, although I must say I'm trying to ration my spends.

    The other week I took some stuff in and looked in the rubbish boxes outside and found a tall porcelain white coffee jug with gold band, from GDR and a milk jug to match, no sugar bow. It has meaning as I have actually been in the GDR before 'the wall' came down and so it has a little history. I don't make coffee in it but use it as a tea pot. LIKE I NEED ANOTHER TEA POT! I have a metal one, a Denby one my mum gave me, a small brown pot Denby one and a tiny porcelaine one. No hope for me.

  7. A Silver Cross pram - the old fashioned type. We hardly used it because we moved from the flat south to the hilly north and I couldn't push it up our hill. Added to that my eldest daughter is nearly 20, so I guess it's time for it to go!



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