Monday 19 March 2012

Back Home

Back home temporarily because I'm going for tests at the hospital tomorrow and Dad insisted, well he did after I told him why I had to nip home, at first he wanted me to stay...but then he insisted, it would seem that Spring has sprung with a vengeance.  The tree in front of the tree house, is in full blossom, with the gentle breeze blowing it down like sweetly scented snow over the washing drying in the sunshine of the early morning.

The view from my desk as I type.

Everywhere is peaceful here this morning a perfect antidote to the last hectic few days.   The chickens were pleased to see me, who knew until a couple of years ago that chickens form attachments to humans.  It was lovely to see them run to the fence with the chirrupy chirrups of the Pekins ringing loud, and the big girls rushing over to see just food dish in my hand, no titbits to tempt them, just me.

It would be magical to whisk Mum and my brother Graham here for a couple of hours, to sit swinging gently in the pergola swing chair, to sip elderflower cordial or big mugs of coffee and bask in the springing to life that is happening in our magical little patch of Berkshire.  Taking away the worry and the strain of the last few months from them both for a while. It would be wonderful to tuck Dad up in a comfy chair, sit him in the sun and let him see where I will be for the next few years.  He's been here through the wonder of the Blog and I hope I have painted a true picture of our new little home, but I'd love to let him have a glimpse of the magical place I will be bringing Mum to this Summer, to spoil and molly coddle her as she deserves for as long as she'll let me.

You can see it clearer if I stand in the doorway.

The birds are singing gently, chirping and whistling, welcoming in the first real days of Spring, as I type the office door is open, leading to the garden that surrounds the house, the blossom from the tree wafts gently by and the dogs lie sprawled out in the early morning sun.  Peace is here, well it was until Ollie, the big black Labrador from next door came to visit through the fence then there was the barking welcoming of Rosy, but at least it brought a smile to Sophies face, she really is smitten!! Then he was gone and the quiet descended again, the washing machine hums its' way quietly through the third load of the day, as I rush to get everything ready to hang in the lovely sunshine.

Grab a coffee, join me and we will head for the garden, today is a day to relax.

Sue xx


  1. I'm sure there is no place your dad would rather be, than a comfy chair in the corner looking out over your gorgeous garden, the photos are lovely.

    Love and hugs to you and your family. I am thinking of you all x x x x

  2. That sounds so idyllic Sue. You have a wonderful view from your desk. Isn't it wonderful that your Dad can 'visit' you via your blog even if he's unable to get there in person right now. Enjoy your peace and quiet and hope the hospital appointment brings nothing untoward xx

  3. That really does sound ideal. I love the treehouse. :-)
    Agree, how lovely your Dad can visit through "the Blog", technology has really changed our lives in this way.
    Thinking of you all.
    You deserve this relaxing day. Hope the tests are ok.

  4. Yes! Berkshire is beautiful at the moment! I work not far from your new area and the birds where singing in the woods and the garden bathed in warm sunshine this morning, with the Buzzards soaring on the gentle breeze. It made me feel so much better after the last year, but in particular,the last 3 months of family stress and saddness where we have one more week to get through and then hopefully the sun will shine and we will feel the warmth, with peace and contentment once more. Thinking of you and yours with love. Heather X
    (I did do SOME work this morning!!)

  5. Really thinking of you Sue, we have been through this twice so really understand what you are going through. Take care x

  6. You painted a work of art with words today .. I am able to actually sense, smell and see where you live ~ and it is beautiful. Good luck with what's going on with you, I'm hoping you are able to bring your father for that visit.

  7. Beautiful yard :) Good luck with your tests...hope all will be well for you.

  8. The blossom tree alone is enough to lift spirits!!
    Thinking of your and your family, take care of one another.
    Jane x

  9. Hope all goes well for you.


    Sandie xx

  10. Found you through Jane, Sue. I like your blog and will follow along as I will be living in the country myself in the near future. May even raise chickens, who knows. Deb (near Ottawa,Ontario, Canada)

  11. Just catching up with your last three posts and thinking how life can change so fast. All the work you did to move to your new place and the hard work ahead suspended in time just for now.
    Beautifully written Sue.
    The garden is lovely. How long will you be here ?

  12. I have just read your current blog and am so moved by it. My wish for you is that your Dad, Mum and you get to the "other "end of all this with peace and love. Having gone through a cancer operation and coming out on the good side I am so grateful for my life as I know your Dad is for what he has had in his. What you are now going through yourself - I pray all goes well. Your blog is wonderful and your home so lovely.


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