Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Not very frugal.......

Not very frugal...... but very necessary!!

After scrubbing, scraping and liberally using the entire contents of two cans of horrible chemically stuff, with my nose dripping and my eyes watering from the fumes, I gave in.  I threw in the scrubby, the cloth, and got on the computer to Google cheap cookers.  Even with all the work I did, the thought of gunk and gunge dripping on the food I cooked in the old cooker sent me into a money spending frenzy......well not really, for the grand amount of £274 I have a new cooker already in situ.  Included in that price is next day delivery and the removal of that yucky old cooker.  I'm a happy girl and as I type this Lovely Hubby is wiring it all up for me.

Also accomplished yesterday .... the shelves are up in the living room waiting for my paperback books to be unpacked in a few minutes and in the kitchen.....

... the shelves are up for the jars of dried goods, also here and waiting to be unpacked.

Today we have also had delivery of a new mattress destined to be taken to Preston for my son tomorrow and while I Blog a nice man from Sky is busy on the roof installing our new dish.  Now I'm off to make us both a nice cup of coffee, maybe I should make LH one too as he's just finished the cooker installation, it's very nice to have a 'man who can'.

A day off from moving and decorating tomorrow as we zoom up the motorway to Preston with the mattress for Jason and then deliver a single bed to Mum and Dad in Manchester.  The big moving day for us is Friday, with all the animals, cats, dogs and chickens accompanying us to the house.  Then it will be time to crack open the bottle of bubbly that has been languishing in the bottom of the fridge since we got the Fortnum and Mason hamper at Christmas and say a toast to this lovely little house that we are on the verge of calling home.

Thank you for all your marvellous words of admiration and encouragement, you've all really kept us going through this long drawn out move and redecoration period.  I promise lots of pictures of the finished article next week, and then it will be time to chart the progress of the establishment of my new kitchen garden and the scrubbing up of the old greenhouse that I have inherited with this house.

Again, thank you to all my lovely readers and followers, it's been lovely to keep in touch and have these little Blogging sit downs every now and then, sorry if I've not left many comments on your Blogs, I have visited as many of you as possible, I've just not always had time to leave comments.

Sue xx


  1. When we moved here the previous owners offered to leave their stove. YUCK!! It was horrible...very very expensive..but gunked...and I was not going to get the gunk removed without a flame thrower. They removed the stove. You did the right thing!!
    I love the colour in the that cookie dough 'in the raw' or is that with white added?
    Jane x

  2. Hi Jane,

    I never thought of trying a flame thrower on the cooker :-) (I doubt it would have worked though)

    The paint is 'cookie dough' with about one cupful of white added.

  3. I love the new stove! I have never seen one like it before! Sorry I am such a lurker but have been reading your great blog for a long time, enjoy it so much. A new home is always so exciting! Can't wait to see how the animals respond.
    Blessings! Gwen

  4. I heard somewhere that the majority of fire call outs were kitchen fires. Maybe its because the stoves are so gunky - yuk, perish the thought!

  5. that's not a waste of money that's vital, so frugal as it's money well spent, again, you are doing a wonderful job xx

  6. Ooooo! How marvelous! New cookers and new refrigerators are always fun! What did you cook first? xoxo

  7. Hiya....I'm having a giveaway.....if you would like to enter!xxx

  8. Thanks for sharing the doings at the new house! I agree- the cooker HAD to go; that was NOT an extravagance!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the doings at the new house! I agree- the cooker HAD to go; that was NOT an extravagance!!!

  10. same thing happened to us, thank goodness dh took pity on me and we bought a new stove.

    That looks like a really nice stove for the money.


  11. Hey Sue
    I have been following your posts, you two have worked so hard and are an inspiration, so I wish you the very best in your new home and venture.
    So good luck and take care.
    Julie xx

  12. I inherited a mildewed ridden fridge in a rental house & spent hours cleaning it !
    Good luck with the move including all the animals. Then it will be home !

  13. Hope the move has gone well Sue, and that you've had chance to relax with a glass of something! (provided you had the glasses/bottle to hand!). I look forward to hearing how it went and whether the animals like their new home as much as you two (hopefully!) do.

    Regards, Sooze


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