Wednesday 21 March 2012

Sad days, happy days......

Amid all these sad days we have two happy days this week, Kyle our grandson is 7 years old today, and on Friday his lovely sister Shelbie is 12 years old, how time flies.

Shelbie, swimming with dolphins last month, a lovely picture, stolen completely unashamedly from her Mum's Facebook page, gorgeous girl.

These pictures, although slightly out of date show Kyle enjoying a wonderful day at his Great Grandads house two and a half years ago.

Lots of laughs, playing with Sophie the Border Collie and seeing how far a little rubber man would stretch!!  We know how to have real fun in our family.

Here with his Dad, deep in concentration watching Sophie.

Happy Birthday Kyle.

from Nana Sue xx


  1. what a cute couple of grandkids you have there.

  2. Happy Birthday Kyle

    Love from Greatgran Joan and Great

    Have a lovely day !!!!!

  3. The above comment was Mum....hijacking my Blog again :-)

    See you soon, on my way in 15 minutes.

    Sue xx

  4. You do have a cute family!
    Jane x

  5. Its so nice to see your family.

  6. Lovely pics Sue. It's family and the little 'normal' things that help keep our sanity when times are tough. Hope things worked out ok for you with your appointments Sue, hugs to you and yours, Sooze

  7. I love reading your blog, but haven't visited for a while. So sorry to hear the sad news. Sending much love to you and your lovely family xx


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