Thursday 22 March 2012

In Manchester for Hugs

Yesterday I travelled up the motorway to be with my family, Lovely Hubby, my husband, my rock and my best friend in the world , is holding the fort for me.   Managing to look after cats, dogs, wayward chickens, going to work each day, winding down Jointers Farm and building my kitchen garden at the new place is getting no hugs (although maybe the odd lick off Suky).

SO I can be with my Mum and Dad and get lots of hugs.

But we are like a pair of old teddy bears, our hugs will be cyber until we are back together, then he owes me the biggest hug in the world.

In the meantime here's one for you....all the lovely folk who have commented on the Blog, contacted me via email, Ebay, struggled to leave a comment and failed (please feel free to use my private email if you want to), left comments on my Facebook page and held us warmly in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sometimes we all need a hug to start or end our day.

Sue xx


  1. My sentiments exactly. A big one right back at ya xx

  2. Yes, hugs mean so much, they are so healing, especially at times like you are going through at the moment. OH and I have been hugging each other this morning. Our friend that we went to supper with last night, was gone an hour after we had left, so we understand that the precious time you are spending with your family means so much and you will be so grateful for the time spent together in order to celebrate your Dad's life. Hugs to you and all your family. Ann x

  3. Yes we love are 2 small ones that mean the world and a big un from me..

  4. A hug a should be the law!
    Jane x

  5. (((((((((((()))))))))))))) that's my hug - from froogs xxxxxx we all need them xx

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  7. Whoops!! I wanted to say: Virtual hugs to you!! love Heather X


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